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Summer Style Guide for Men

All the new must-haves for men to look their best this season

Spring 2020 was certainly one of the more unique seasons for the books, and now summer has arrived in full force anyway — and brought some long-term fashion changes with it. With many men saying goodbye to workwear and prioritizing comfort, industry experts predict that these sorts of clothing preferences will not go away any time soon, even as workplaces someday start easing back towards in-person routines. It is time to look at a summer style guide for men so they can have comfort plus be stylish.

Below, check out some of the most fashion-forward staples that will keep you feeling cool and comfortable all summer long. 

Buttercloth Icy Cotton Shirt

Buttercloth entered mainstream public attention after founder and designer Danh Tran appeared on the hit show “Shark Tank,” He succeeded in striking a deal with “shark” Robert Herjavec. Tran’s appearance was a hit with the sharks and viewers alike, and his product stands up to the high-pressure tests of the show.

Branded as “the world’s most comfortable shirt,” Buttercloth was born of Tran’s distaste for wearing dress shirts. He set out to create the softest dress shirt possible, and Buttercloth’s success speaks for itself. With the look of a dress shirt but the comfort of a favorite tee, the product is incredibly popular with businessmen that don’t want to sacrifice all comfort for professionalism. Their newest offering, the Icy Cotton shirt, breaks into new territory with fibers and fabrics that provide the cooling effect of fresh mint. Also providing 6-way stretch, odor protection, wrinkle-free comfort, and the sort of no-skin irritation you would typically associate with a polyester item. Buttercloth isn’t just good for the wearer, though — it’s good for the earth, too. Keeping environmentally friendly processes at peak importance has allowed Buttercloth to create innovative new products just like this one. 

Lululemon ABC Pant 

When people think of lululemon, their first thought isn’t always the menswear line. The lululemon men’s collection is one of the best-kept secrets among those who have discovered it — and a staple among loyal fans is the ABC Pant. The “warpstreme” fabric unique to lululemon is comfortable and stretchy, but has the professional sheen of chino and can be dressed up. The cut and pockets are denim-inspired, and the ABC is available in skinny, slim, classic relaxed, and even jogger fits. Perhaps the best thing about this versatile pant is that it can be dressed up for the office or travel days but doesn’t sacrifice that athleisure comfort. 

For those drawn to the idea but still want something a little more business-inspired, lululemon comes through with the Commission Pant. This alternative is even more chino inspired in silhouette and design. While the ABC is the most comfortable option, both styles have the wearer ready to take on a busy schedule. 

Outdoor Voices

This Austin-based company is co-owned by minimalist French clothing company APC, and the trendy European aesthetic is all over their apparel. Outdoor Voices exploded in popularity over the past few years with enthusiastic customers highlighting the balance between comfort and functionality in their pieces. For those that might be at home on Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future, the Outdoor Voices sweatpants have been called the comfiest things a man could ever wear. The brand’s true niche is in encouraging customers to chase outdoor adventures, which might look a little different this year — but their product line is still worth looking through, even if your biggest adventure this summer looks like a walk around the block. You definitely need to check the summer style guide for men to determine the best clothing for summer.

Public Rec

At Public Rec, the fabric is the foundation of the product. Like the appeal of lululemon products, Public Rec’s men’s clothing is transitional and can be dressed up for the casual workplace or ready for a light workout. In their words, Public Rec is a place where “indoor comfort meets outdoor style” and clothes that can take you “everywhere, every day.” The titular product, the “All Day Every Day Pant,” is a great entry pick for someone new to the brand. 

Founder Zach Goldstein created the brand in 2015 when he felt inspired to find a way to keep the comfort and ease of his college hoodie and sweatpants set as he entered the workforce. After spending the first part of his career in the finance world, his dislike for traditional menswear hit its peak, and Public Rec was born — much to all of our benefits. 

Men's shirts
Image by Adriano Gadini from Pixabay

Summer Sneakers

While there might not be as much opportunity for stylish summer outfits to show off at barbecues and grill-outs, summer footwear is still an important part of finishing an outfit. Madewell has entered the men’s game. Their shoe offerings are incredibly on-brand for the hip, minimalist brand, offering collaborations with brands like Vans and Adidas in addition to their in-house designs.

Beyond just through Madewell, Adidas is tapping into nostalgia with some 80s-inspired designs and capturing a true throwback summer vibe. Consider the Continental Sneaker to take your looks to the next level. 


For true high-performance clothes, consider Rhone as your new partner-in-crime. While some of their lines are transitional and can be considered athleisure, Rhone’s focus is in lightweight, sweat-wicking, premium gear. Beat the summer heat for your runs or outdoor workouts in some of their most popular offerings — with the added bonus of a swim line for some trunks when you just need to hop in the pool after sweating it out. Rhone’s commitment is to move “forever forward,” With the help of some of their products, you can also. This summer style guide for men will provide options for the coolest clothes for the summer.

Featured Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash