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Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates : Sanskar Came In Look Of Kishan

Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates : Sanskar Came In Look Of Kishan

Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates
Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates

The last episode of Swaragini showcased that Swara was tensed, and Sahil consoled her. Sahil’s mom said to Sahil that Swara stated that you are perfect for her and feels comfortable with you.

Sujata came home back and said that its truth that Sharmishtha is pregnant, and she determined to abort this baby.

Durga Prasad said that we’re not the one who can post our command on them. Sanskar supported Durga Prasad. Ragini was called by Shekhar and said that Swara in not in Badi.

Lakshya got tensed, and Shekhar told him that he saw the broken images of his marriage with Swara. Lakshya assured to take her back to home safely. Swara was weeping and requested to Swara that why her family from her hides this truth. Sahil asked Sanskar for once to be met by Swara.

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Sahil tried to convince swara to meet with Lakshya. Swara consented to meet Lakshya. Swara phoned Lakshya and asked him to meet with her. Swara told him that I understood that we both are married. Swara asked Lakshya to meet with him. Lakshya said Ragini that Swara remembered her memory. Parineeta was tensed while others were happy with hearing this.

Some goons came in the park and began beating on Swara and Sahil. Some money was fallen from one goon. Swara found Lakshya giving cash to that goos. In today’s episode of Swaragini, we’ll see that Ragini’s house will be moved to by Swara. Ragini will ask Swara to remain there. Swara will deny living with a man (Sanskar) who attempted many times to kill her.

While on the other hand we’ll see that Lakshya will take a new face and new name i.e. of Krishna. He will collide with Swara. He’ll decide that if Swara didn’t recalled her love subsequently Kishan will make her recall everything.

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