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The 8 Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures for Glowing Skin

Do you often wonder how friends or coworkers can maintain their healthy and glowing complexions? Well, of all the benefits of regular CBD use, one of the least well-known is its use as a beneficial ingredient in many skincare products. CBD for skincare may sound crazy, but its benefits are being proven to be real! The secret to getting beautiful glowing skin yourself might just include adding broad-spectrum CBD tinctures products to your beauty routine. 

But if the sheer wealth of products on the market can seem overwhelming, have no fear. You’re in the right place. As you read on, you will find our eight top picks for broad-spectrum CBD tinctures that, with regular use, are nearly guaranteed to reduce skin diseases and noticeable scars to help your skin reach its full potential in no time. Each product has its benefits and drawbacks, but all of them are made with a broad-spectrum formula that is sure to be THC-free. This makes them ideal for those that want to avoid the psychoactive ingredient altogether.

How Can CBD Help My Skin?

CBD as an ingredient in skincare products has shown numerous benefits that build off of the natural health properties that cannabidiols contain. And besides reducing free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, CBD is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. In short, the effect that CBD may have on an individual’s skin can be varied and broad but can include any of the following benefits:

  • Natural Regulator of Sebum (Oil Production): Little known by many is CBD’s power on the body’s regulation of the epidermis’s natural oil production, also known as Sebum. An excess of Sebum has been linked to skin issues such as acne. Thanks to its effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD can help to control and reduce such excess oil production. This can give skin a more youthful and radiant appearance. 
  • Naturally Reduces Inflammation: CBD has long been used to treat ailments such as arthritis. This effectiveness in reducing irritation is also displayed in that CBD can aid inflammatory issues such as eczema that may occur with skin. 
  • Hydrates Dry and Cracked Skin: No one likes dealing with the discomfort or look of dry or cracked skin. Luckily, CBD treatment is thought to nourish parched skin and help repair the damage with sustained use. This is because of CBD’s role in regulating the ECS, as mentioned above, and its ability to promote healthy skin cells.
hydrate skin
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Joy Organics – Summer Lemon: Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

This broad-spectrum CBD tincture from Joy Organics is as refreshing as a summer breeze for your skin. As with all Joy Organics CBD products, this tincture uses only the highest quality natural ingredients and is USDA-certified organic as well. In addition, the formula is cruelty-free, vegan, and is designed to have 0.0% THC content.

If you are looking for a tincture that is free of artificial flavors and colors but one that also uses only the highest quality carrier oils and essential oils in its formulation, this tincture is well worth a look.

What You’ll Love: The energizing lemon flavor will bring a burst of citrus freshness to your CBD routine that will invigorate and restore even the most tired or dull-looking skin.

Something to consider: With 30mg of CBD per serving, this tincture is a versatile choice for various uses besides skincare and is suitable for use day or night.

Khus + Khus – Bleu Body Serum

This product might be labeled as a serum, but this is a distinction from a tincture that means little more than it is designed for topical use, whereas broad-spectrum CBD tinctures can be ingested and applied topically. In short, this Khus + Khus product is meant for use as a topical CBD treatment that will reduce inflammation and leave your skin looking and feeling fantastic. 

What You’ll Love: The use of additional ingredients such as helichrysum, borage seed oil, and baobab will help soothe and relax tired and inflamed skin.

Something to consider: Users claim that this serum has been shown to clear up red spots and other unsightly skin conditions. However, it may take some time to see results.

Envy CBD – CBD Tincture Oil: Orange

This tincture from Envy CBD is prized for its versatile uses and bright orange flavor. Envy CBD offers this tincture in strengths ranging from 250mg to 1500mg of CBD per bottle, which means you can choose the potency you prefer.

What You’ll Love: This THC-free tincture has a zesty orange flavor that users rave about. In addition to providing skin benefits, this product is good for reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation and calmness.

Something to consider: Unlike many broad-spectrum CBD tinctures on this list, this tincture uses a propriety formula that includes ingredients that are not uniformly from organic sources.

CBD oil
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Beekman 1802 – Milk Drops + CBD High & Dry Facial Oil

Beekman 1802 claims that this “dry” CBD oil nourishes and calms skin while leaving skin feeling smooth and relaxed without leaving behind any overly heavy oil residue. 

What You’ll Love: In addition to the presence of CBD, the use of goat milk as an ingredient in this recipe is great for its naturally hydrating properties.

Something to consider: This product is unscented, which means that the natural hemp scent is noticeable, which some may find “earthy” when compared to some of the more pleasant scents that other products we’ve recommended have.

Magical – Mixed Berry CBD Tincture

With over 3000mg of CBD per bottle, this CBD tincture from Magical packs quite the potent punch. As with other broad-spectrum CBD tinctures we have mentioned, this product is good for more than just skincare, making it a versatile product for those new to CBD.

What You’ll Love: This tincture is great for a wide audience of CBD users as it is gluten-free, fat-free, contains no sugar, is all-natural, and, most importantly, is completely free of THC.

Something to consider: While pleasant enough, the mixed berry flavor may be overly saccharine for some.

Josie Maran – Skin Dope 

This CBD tincture by Josie Maran is marketed as a “skin dope.” But besides the odd-sounding name, there is a lot to love about this product. For example, the addition of argan oil in this product helps soothe even the most troubling skin issues.

What You’ll Love: Josie Maran uses only the choicest parts of the hemp plant when extracting its CBD oil, including its flowers, leaves, and stalks, and of course, it is completely THC-free (and, because of this, completely non-psychoactive). 

Something to consider: With only 100mg of CBD per bottle, this is one of the lightest products in terms of potency that we have highlighted.

Sagely Naturals – Rewind & Renew CBD Face Serum

While not a tincture exactly, this CBD face serum still comes highly recommended, thanks to its broad-spectrum formula that includes vitamins and peptides that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after each use.

What You’ll Love: The use of secondary ingredients such as peptides, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid make this CBD face serum a great choice for those looking to give their skin back its healthy glow.

Something to consider: This serum has one of the most extensive ingredient lists we have seen for a CBD product, and, unlike others that we have mentioned, not all ingredients are organic or natural. 

Saint Jane – Luxury Beauty Serum

This luxury CBD product from Saint Jane is another tincture marketed as a beauty serum. This means that you are getting a high-quality topical CBD product designed for external use. The use of ingredients such as sea buckthorn, shea butter, and rosehip extract gives this product a luxurious feel that works with the cannabidiol present to speed relief and soothe and calm irritated or fussy skin.  

What You’ll Love: The Saint Jane branding is subtle yet classy and helps this serum look like any other high-end skincare product, which means no one needs to know it contains CBD. That is unless you want them to!

Something to consider: Users pay for the luxury Saint Jane experience, as this is one of the most expensive CBD skincare products we have come across.

We’re Always Here to Help!

Have questions or concerns about incorporating CBD into your skincare routine? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about the best broad-spectrum CBD tinctures for skincare and that you’ve been inspired to give one a try yourself. As always, thanks for reading! 

Featured Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels