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The Amazing Centurion Park

South Africa is a country that completely loves cricket. Making online sports bet – only on 1xBet on cups in this country and other places worldwide- can be performed from mobile gadgets and desktop computers. Being a country that loves cricket in such a huge way, South Africa has built several impressive venues during recent decades.

One of them is Centurion Park. It is located in the city of Centurion in South Africa. This impressive cricket arena has hosted many exciting matches between national and international squads. The best odds are only on 1xBet, which are featured in any online sports bet on cricket teams made at the site.

Some excellent matches played at the venue

The very first Test-match to be played in Centurion Park was in November 1995. This faced two powerful teams for which there is a good cricket betting rate on the 1xBet website: England and South Africa. Unfortunately for both teams, the contest needed to be abandoned after severe rain that affected the field. The ground has seen other teams playing over it, such as:

  • India;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Pakistan;
  • and Australia.

There was a highly controversial match that also took place here. There was a Test match that took place between India and South Africa. This match was declared to be an unofficial test match. The reason for that was that the Indian squad rejected the referee’s actions of that event. He disciplined many players from the Indian squad in a previous contest. Therefore, the BCCI protested the decision of having him again and decided not to recognize this match. Users on the 1xBet website can take advantage of a great cricket betting rate in all the stakes they make.

One-Day Internationals at the Centurion Park

Centurion Park has also hosted some important ODI matches. When being at, look at the live updates and betting options available for all matches that this venue receives. This ground received matches in the context of the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Also, it had several important matches of the 2009 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy.

The Indian Premier played many matches of the 2009 season in this stadium. This proves that Centurion Park is a highly versatile facility that can be used for a wide range of sports events. Also, many sports events are at 1xBet, which features matches played in Centurion Park and hundreds of other stadiums.

Featured Image by Lisa scott from Pixabay