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The Bus Rental App that’s Disrupting the Charter Bus Industry

We’ve all heard of charter taxi services like Uber and Lyft, but they aren’t the only companies out there that are offering travel sharing services to clients. There are a lot of other charter services out there that you might never have heard of before, and they’ve already started to disrupt the transportation industry in their own right – some people would even say that they’re about to change the face of the entire private transportation bookings industry. is one such charter service, and it’s helping people to book bus charters just as easily as they’d hail an Uber cab. It’s cheaper, easier and faster than traditional charter bookings that have to be made days in advance, and they’re perfect for when you really don’t have the time to wait.

Here’s more information about just where started, and why you should be using them for all of your bus charter and group transportation needs.

Why a Bus is Better


Regular charter services like Uber and Lyft have achieved a lot of popularity because they’re quick and easy to use. They can get you from one point to another in a hurry at the drop of a hat (or the tap of a fingertip) – and it’s filled a major gap that’s been left by other forms of transport that are either inaccessible or expensive.

But using a taxi service like Uber can have its disadvantages, too. If you’re transporting more than a small group of people, it starts to present a problem, and you’ll see why Uber hasn’t gained nearly as much momentum as a transportation mode for business except for in the case of a very rich few.

The cost of transporting an entire fleet of people with a service like Uber is bound to be astronomical – and for most things, this means that it stops being practical.

What then?

What is helps to fill this gap that’s left by individual taxi charter services; through using the app, you can instantly order a bus charter to your location for your group, whether your reasons for travel are related to business or leisure. It’s a safer, cheaper way to get around – and they guarantee to get you there safety and in good time.

This makes it one of the best ways to rent a charter bus or school bus easily with the guarantee that you’ll be kept safe to and from your destination.

Safety Guaranteed

Charter companies like Uber and are transporting one of the most valuable commodities on the planet: Lives. Because of this, ensures that all the vehicles that they use for transporting clients are safe, roadworthy and assessed before and after every trip. Their drivers are also trained in advanced driving techniques, and they’re appropriately trained and certified as drivers for the service.

This is unlike many taxi charter companies who don’t screen their drivers before hiring them. gives you a special safety guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Company’s Start

Sometimes the best things in life are started between two friends who have a great idea – and is no different. The founders of the service are two entrepreneurs, one from the field of transportation and the other from the world of software, who put their years of experience together in order to bring you one of the greatest bus services ever.

While they started off as a very small company, they’ve expanded to a considerably larger group of employees in the past year: And, even if you’re looking for a position as a driver, you can get in touch with the team to find out if they’re currently hiring.

Of course, they weren’t always called – this only happened once larger companies had started to chip in and realize the value of what such a charter service could mean for the industry.

Today, they’re working on further growth and expansion to make the service even better. 

Why You Need is one of the best and safest charter services that you can use – and when you’re making use of a charter service like, you have total control over the type of bus you choose to help you get to your destination and just how much time you have to help you get there.

It’s ideal for anyone who needs group transport in a hurry. This can include;

  • Reliable, safe transportation for the elderly during group trips from homes.
  • Safe transportation for groups of children to field trips, events or to and from school.
  • Transportation for any large business event or meeting, even ones that are put together at the last minute.
  • Quick, safe and sober transportation for events and gigs, especially for when you need a driver that keeps their eyes on the road at all times while you focus on the event itself.

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