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The Complete Guide to Purchasing Rental Car Insurance

Rental car insurance, in simple terms; is insurance coverage for the car you will be renting. You can get car insurance from the rental car company or your insurance company.

There always is a degree of skepticism whether or not to buy car insurance from the rental car company, especially if you feel covered by your insurance company. There’s no need for confusion, with your auto insurance, or travel insurance, your rental car is covered. Nevertheless, there are situations where you have to buy rental car insurance from a car rental company.

It’s not all that bad if you extend your insurance when you are on holiday or business trip abroad, international car rental insurance can come in handy.

If you travel abroad, you’ll find renting a car a better option than using public transportation, so expect this question “would you like to purchase additional insurance?” each time you are faced with the office clerk at an insurance company. Don’t make a hasty decision if you are in a similar situation. Here are some useful guides that would help.

  1. Research

Before you visit a rental car company it’s essential you go through your policies to know what exactly you are covered for, and whether or not you need a car rental excess insurance in the first place.

  1. Your Car Insurance

Just like I have already stated, some insurance policies will cover rental cars too, hence you wouldn’t need a car rental excess insurance. Don’t pay for the insurance you already have.

  1. Credit Card Coverage:

Credit card providers have evolved over the years; they now provide better services than they did ten years ago. All thanks to the upgrade, you could be covered for rental car insurance through your card. If your card is covering you, you don’t need to spend money buying car rental excess insurance.

  1. Travel Insurance:

If you are traveling abroad, your travel insurance coverage could take care of cars you’ll rent. If you are already covered (by your travel insurance policy), there’s no need buying an international car rental insurance.

If you are not sure of what your auto or travel insurance covers, and you also don’t want to pay for extra car insurance, don’t take the risk, call the customer care of your insurance company to make inquiries.

When Do I need a Rental Car Insurance

Rental Car Insurance
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Buying insurance from a rental car company can be tricky because most times, it seems like they are out to fraud you. If you are in any of these situations, don’t hesitate, you can go ahead and buy an international car rental insurance or pay for excess rental insurance.

  • If you don’t have insurance coverage.
  • If your auto insurance or travel insurance offers a low limit. If your collision limit is $20,000 and you are renting a car worth $70,000, you will be needed new insurance coverage.
  • If you recently made a claim, and you don’t want to risk going another round, you can buy new insurance coverage.

If you’ve rented a car before, then the attitude shown by salespeople at rental car companies shouldn’t be new to you. They try to force you into buying their companies car insurance. If you are not prepared, they will take you unaware and you will end up spending extra. The rental companies will profit from your ignorance because of each insurance they sale they get a commission.

The next time you want to rent a vehicle, you have to be prepared. Here are some extra tips that would also help.

Extra Tips

  • Take a picture of The Rental Car: It is essential that you have a picture of the car (as evidence) before you drive the vehicle. This will help you avoid an unnecessary argument. Bring Your Satnav and other
  • Come with your own accessories. If you are renting abroad, many rental companies will offer a navigation service for an extra cost. To save extra cash, you can come with your Satnav or Google map. The same applies to other in-car accessories like baby seat.
  • Take note of discounts and additional charges: rentals under the age of 25 are made to pay an extra fee, so take note, also take note if you are eligible for discounts.


It is necessary always to have insurance coverage when renting a car; it could either be from your insurance policy; you can purchase international car rental insurance or car rental excess insurance. The first rule of renting a car is always to ensure the car is insured.

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