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The Fundamentals of YouTube Cards – Everything you need to know

So you’re building a brand and are looking up ways to expand it online. As you may have realized from a cursory glance at successful brands, you need to have an excellent product, user-friendly website, and a killer content marketing strategy in place. Be sure to check out epic content marketing to gain some insight. In this article, we shall take a look at video content, specifically, for YouTube. Besides creating high-quality, engaging videos, you need to know how to market your videos on YouTube to gain the traction you want. An instrumental cog of the YouTube marketing machine is YouTube cards. 

What are YouTube Cards?

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YouTube cards have become a vital part of YouTube marketing. A YouTube card is an interactive card that you can expect to find typically at the end of YouTube videos, with links pointing you to other videos relevant to the one you are watching. Besides redirecting you to other videos on the same channel, they give the viewer a clickable Call-to-Action (CTA). 

Some common CTAs include subscribing to the channel, going to the official website, watching the other videos on the channel, checking out the playlist that this video is a part of, or purchasing a product or course on sale. 

Types of YouTube Cards

They are primarily of the following types: 

  • For videos or playlists that you can use to promote videos
  • For channels that you can use to promote other channels
  • Support and promote a cause of your choice and get people to donate
  • Direct visitors to a website outside of YouTube
  • Conduct polls and get viewers to take part in a multiple-choice poll

What practices should you incorporate while making YouTube Cards?

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As you make YouTube cards, be sure to incorporate the following practices: 

  • Keep in mind that YouTube cards tend to work most effectively when placed at the end of the video. However, you may also use them in other parts of the video. YouTube cards that direct your viewers to other videos or playlists work best when placed at the end of the video. 
  • Ensure the YouTube cards you use are relevant to the video in question. Use a YouTube card to direct visitors to a page or video related to this video. You can help create context and minimize the viewer’s chances of closing the video after watching the first few seconds. It is crucial to provide some context to bridge the gap.

How can you add YouTube Cards?

The next obvious question after ‘What are Youtube cards?’ is how to add YouTube cards to your videos. Here’s how you do it: 

  • Visit your YouTube video manager, click on the YouTube video to which you want to add your YouTube card, and click on the edit option that should appear below the video title. You will get an option that displays ‘Cards’ on the top. 
  • Choose the option to ‘Add Card’ and hit create. Then, select the type of YouTube card you want to include from the ones listed and fill up the necessary details, including channel username, URL, custom message, Teaser text, etc.
  • After adding the YouTube card to your video, you may decide when you want the card to be displayed during the video. You have to drag the YouTube card to the time stamp in the video where you want it to show up. You are allowed to include four more YouTube cards to the video after setting up the first YouTube card. Be sure to check if the YouTube cards appear exactly when you want them to in the video before publishing it. 

What are some ways to use YouTube Cards?

This is another important topic to tackle. Here are some exciting ways to use YouTube cards: 

Audience Engagement

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Do you want engagement? Excellent. Audience interaction is key if you’re going to boost your viewership and engagement and take your brand through the stratosphere. You can conduct polls and interact with your audience is an excellent way to increase your viewership and improve your content. 

Promote Non-Profit Venture or cause that you stand for

Supporting and promoting a non-profit venture or cause that you believe in will do well to build and cement your business’ reputation, showing people that your brand is not the only thing that you care about. This can translate to significant results in the long-term. Avoid doing what most YouTubers do – worrying about getting as many new followers and new leads as possible and turning them into loyal subscribers. YouTube cards can be used to support a cause. 

Send viewers to other videos in the same series or playlist

YouTube allows you to put out long videos, films, documentaries, vlogs, and so forth. You may create as many playlists and series as you want to. If you want people to stay on your channel, use YouTube cards at the end of each video to direct them to the next video in the series or a video relevant to the one in question. Providing value to your viewers will keep them hooked onto your channel, hence boosting your viewership. Adding a CTA will prompt them to subscribe to your channel or check out your website. Additionally, people who like your videos will get other viewers to check out your channel. 

Use it to advertise influencers who are promoting your products and brand

YouTube or content marketing, in general, isn’t a lone wolf’s game. You stand a better chance of expanding your brand if you collaborate. Influencer marketing allows you to do this. If you want to amass attention, use YouTube cards to showcase industry experts and popular influencers, and get your viewers to visit their respective websites and YouTube channels. 

Featured Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay