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The Grocery List for Starting a Ketosis Diet

If you’re ready to start the ketosis diet and are excited to stock all the delicious foods this way of eating has to offer, stay tuned. Many ketogenic staples can be purchased from your local grocery store. A general rule is to shop around the edge of the store, avoiding the aisles in the middle. The outer aisles focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and unprocessed foods that are the backbone of the keto diet.

The best thing about the ketosis diet is that you can eat in many different ways; enjoying all the different food types. As long as you avoid grains, sugars, and certain vegetable oils, there are many foods you can enjoy. Many people eat fatty red meat on a ketosis diet, but you can also try a vegetarian or vegan ketosis diet.

Well, without further ado, let’s get into your very first grocery list for your Ketosis diet!

Ketogenic Meats

You’ll be happy to hear you can include red meats, such as beef (steak, stew meats, prime rib and so on), organ meat (heart, liver, kidney, and tongue). Lamb and goat offer exciting new additions too, alongside seafood. Focus on fatty cuts and oily fish to maximize your healthy fats, and minimize chicken and turkey, as these don’t offer as many ketosis benefits. You can cook with avocado and coconut oil, and avoid peanut and canola oils.

Let’s see what else you can add to the grocery list for starting a ketosis diet.  


Keto-friendly Vegetables

When it comes to keto-friendly vegetables, you can’t go wrong with green leafy veggies. There are a bunch to choose from, such as lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, chives, olives, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale, spinach, and broccoli. These vegetables are not carb-free, but green vegetables do have the lowest carb count. Aim to eat at least half a cup with each meal. You can also add in some Roma tomatoes or cauliflower for a pop of color.

One of the reasons we love the keto diet is that you can add many condiments and dressings to spice up a vegetable platter. Add a side dish of blue cheese dip, ranch dressing, or Caesar salad dressing to make vegetables even more delicious.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from anchovy paste, mayonnaise, black bean sauce, ginger, garlic, pesto sauce, yellow mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, wasabi paste, and many more. As for the dressings, your top choices will be blue cheese dressing, Caesar salad dressing, lemon, lime juice, or ranch dressing.

It’s hard to believe that this is still a diet we’re talking about, right


Pick the Right Fruits for Keto Diet

The next aisle you’ll want to shop at is the fruit aisle. Many berries are available to people on a ketogenic diet. However, do only recommend adding these in if you are on a maintenance plan (not looking to lose weight). Fruits contain fructose, and many will spike insulin levels. This is not suitable for a ketosis diet.

You can eat strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, raspberries or melons as these have a low GI index. And, to go along with your fruit salad, you should also get some nuts and seeds. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, or macadamia nuts are a great way to add fat to your fruit salads and a healthy snack to eat on its own.

As for the seeds, you’ll be glad to hear that sesame, sunflower, hemp and chia seeds will not soon leave your kitchen.

Choosing Dairy on a Keto Diet

And last, but not least, if you are a dairy product lover, you will want to fill up your shopping cart with cream cheese, feta, blue cheese, mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, Swiss cheese, brie, goat cheese, sour cream, Greek yogurt, kefir, butter (grass-fed, of course), cottage cheese, etc. and avoid cow milk, which contains lactose.

So, the good news is that your diet won’t lack dairy products, and the bad news is that you have to make sure to keep your meals balanced.

Remember that your body may not adjust to the sudden change of diet so easily, and you may have some slight side effects, such as migraines, occasional insomnia, irritability, or nausea, known as the keto flu. You can take an exogenous ketone to increase ketone production and eliminate these symptoms. You should also add an electrolyte supplement to your grocery list, as water is crucial on a ketosis diet.

We know that once you embrace this new of eating, you’ll never look back!

Featured Image by Thorsten Blank from Pixabay