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The Importance of Having a Rescue Team at Work

No matter how small the job is or how little your crew is that day, a rescue team is always necessary. The availability of a rescue team can often be the difference between life and death on the job. When you’re pushed for time in an emergency, you cannot simply rely on emergency services at the click of a finger. So, having a well-trained, well-sourced, and courageous rescue team will surely benefit not only you but your whole team. If and when that time comes that you need emergency help, fall into the hands of those who can help. 

Ensures employee safety

Taking those extra precautionary steps to ensure your team’s safety on the job is one thing. Another is allowing them to feel safe and secure while working. Whether the conditions are highly dangerous or minimal, it’s always best to ensure that your employees feel safe and feel they are ready to start a full day on-site. When choosing your rescue team, ensure that you are choosing calm, confident, and rational staff to make up the team members. During briefs, make your staff aware of who the team is and what potential hazards there are on the site, and therefore when the rescue team might be required. 

Dangers of confined spaces

Confined space rescue is one of the most common rescue missions set for rescue teams on-site. Although not all hazards are reported, confined space work is often planned well in advance with great training for those working in confined spaces. Despite this, things can still go wrong, which is why a rescue team is required at all times. As well as having a team in place, employers should also ensure there is an up to date confined space rescue plan for all jobs. Conduct drills of the rescue mission and allow employees to ask questions. 

First aid kit
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Allows jobs to be completed 

From 2013 to 2014, falls from height were the most common cause of fatal injuries in the UK – with older males being disproportionally represented in these statistics. Therefore, it is no wonder that staff sometimes feel like the pressured environment seems too much to handle when attempting to complete jobs well, never mind at all. It has been reported that older men often experience less confidence as they grow older while working on construction sites. Heights are often the most feared job to be completed among construction workers. Having a rescue team in place allows staff to feel safer on the job that if any issues were to occur, the team is available for immediate and emergency aid. Having a rescue team is consequently important to let staff feel safe enough to complete the job both timely and well. 

Ensure the safety of your employees by creating a confined space rescue plan with a great rescue team. Thorough preparation allows stability and speed when required. So, don’t rely on your PPE alone and get protecting your staff. 

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