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The Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges in the US

Are you a passionate nature lover and an adventurer at heart? If your answer is ‘yes,’ look no further because we’re here to help you find the next destination you must visit! Today we’re talking about the most beautiful mountain ranges in the US, so keep on reading. Check them out and start planning your trip right away!

Mountain range #1: The Rocky Mountains

Needless to say, the Rocky Mountains are in first place on this list for a good reason. This mountain covers over 3,000 miles across America – from British Columbia (Canada) to New Mexico. It includes over 100 distinct mountain ranges and has four main subdivisions: the Canadian Rockies, the Middle Rockies, the Southern Rockies, and the Colorado Plateau. It’s good to know that Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses 415 square miles of breathtaking natural beauties, with 300 miles of hiking trails. So, if you’re a passionate hiker who loves challenges, be sure to visit this outstanding place. Just remember that spring and summer are the perfect seasons for your trip to the Rocky Mountains. It’s because the vibrant wildflowers are blooming during this period. So, don’t skip this incredible mountain range and start planning your visit right away! 

Smoky mountains
Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Mountain range #2: The Great Smoky Mountains

If you’re looking for the most visited national park in the US, you should definitely go to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Millions of visitors visit this park every year to camp, hike, and experience the incredible mountain views first-hand. This mountain range is situated on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee, and it has over 800 square miles of trails. In fact, it’s a sub-range of the Appalachian Mountains known for the fog that hovers around the tops of the peaks. It creates the memorable smoky affect the entire range is famous for. Apart from the beauty of its ancient mountains, this place is also renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life. This national park is one of the largest areas in the eastern US where black bears live in their natural habitat. Seeing one while visiting this place shouldn’t be a surprise!

Mountain range #3: The Alaska Range

This mountain range is more remote than any other on this list; however, it certainly offers the most incredible peaks in the US. Several national parks protect the Alaska Range, too, and these make it even more astonishing. Denali National Park and Preserve, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, and Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve, all of which encompass parts of the Alaska Range. We suggest visiting Denali National Park that features one of the best long-distance cycling trails in the US (92 miles). So, if you and your travel buddy are passionate cyclers, hop on your mountain bikes and conquer Denali Park Road! It’s paved for the first 15 miles when it changes to gravel. There are six campgrounds in this part of Denali National Park, and cycling between them is a better option than seeing natural wonders on a bus tour!

The Alaska Range
Photo by Andrew Hanson from Pexels

Mountain range #4: The Cascade Mountain Range

Did you know that the Cascade Mountain Range goes by the name of the ‘American Alps’? That’s right, which is exactly what makes this mountain range worth your attention. The Cascade Mountains are located in western North America, and they are crossing parts of Canada, Oregon, California, and Washington. If you feel like exploring breathtaking snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, this is your perfect place to be! The range’s highest point is Mount Rainier that reaches an elevation of 14,411 feet. It is also a volcano, which is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in today’s world. It’s because of its enormous amount of glacial ice. Mount Saint Helens, too, is an active stratovolcano whose last eruption was recorded back in 2008. So, if you’re an adventurer at heart and you want to conquer these natural wonders, head straight to the Cascade Mountain Range!

Mountain range #5: The Elk Mountains

In case you didn’t know, the Elk Mountains are home to the US’s highest and most spectacular peaks. They are located in west-central Colorado and are extremely popular among people attracted by the scenic view, the fresh air, and natural beauties in general. Many people visit this place for a day hiking adventure, which is ideal for family trips with small kids. Here’s another interesting fact: the state of Colorado has the biggest number of mountains that go over 14,000 feet above sea level! Six of these peaks are located in the Elk Range, and all of them are alpinists’ absolute favorites. If you wish to explore one of the most striking peaks in this part of the US, you should definitely go for Maroon Bells. This one has a glacier-made lake at the bottom, which provides an unforgettable view you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Elk mountains
Photo by Mick Haupt from Pexels

Mountain range #6: The Sierra Nevada Range

Last but not least of the mountain ranges, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range has a lot to offer to all the adventurers out there. It stretches from California to Nevada and encompasses everything you can possibly imagine. From Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the US, to breathtaking Yosemite Valley and Mount Whitney – this place simply calls your name. This place features astonishing mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers. The western side of Sierra Nevada is famous for giant sequoia groves, so make sure not to miss them while in this part of the US. Kern Canyon and Kings Canyon are worth seeing, too. The same goes for the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River, the biggest in California. Both of them start from the Central Valley and drain into San Francisco Bay. Check them out, and you won’t make a mistake!

As you can see, these six mountain ranges undoubtedly are the most beautiful ones you can explore in the US. So, if you’re a huge lover of nature and adventure, just stick to our list while planning your next trip. You won’t go wrong whichever destination you opt for, so don’t wait any longer and start packing your backpack!

Featured Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels