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The Must Do Things on Any Trip to Monte Carlo

Monaco is a truly blessed place that, if you get to it, is one of the most extravagant and opulent places you can ever visit. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, but if you’ve got the cash to splash, then a trip to Monte Carlo is like none other.

While small in size, the principality of Monaco has tons to do, and if you’re heading there, then here’s our guide to the top five things to add to your itinerary…

Casino of Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino
Image by unserekleinemaus from Pixabay

The Monte Carlo casino is one of the most iconic buildings in Monaco and was built by Princess Caroline to improve revenue streams in the principality. Built in 1865, to this day, it’s still owned by the Monaco government and continues to be a hotspot for tourists. 

In more recent times, the casino has enjoyed the impact of the online casino boom, with more and more people developing an interest in slot games and table games, with more and more players now desperate to walk through the doors of the most iconic casino in the world.

It’s a must-visit for Monaco, but be sure that you follow all the rules, regulations, and dress codes, as it is relatively strict. 

Enjoy a Michelin Star meal

Monaco is well known for its world-class dining; come the evening, you should certainly be looking to make reservations.

In total, there are 12 restaurants in the Michelin Guide, with seven having a star. From Thai to Mediterranean, Italian to classic French, it’s a place that more than has you covered. If you’re looking for Michelin Starred, then try the following:

  • Le Blue Bay
  • Elsa
  • Yoshi
  • La Table d’Antonio Salvatore au Rampoldi
  • Le Grill
  • Yannick Alléno à l’Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo
  • Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris

The latter of which has three Michelin stars and is one of the finest places to eat on the planet. Located in the Hotel de Paris, you won’t find a more exquisite way to spend an evening. 

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

For those who love a bit of learning on their trips, the best museum in Monaco is the Oceanographic one by far. 

Built in 1910, it is a museum of marine sciences and is perfectly placed looking over the sea. The building itself is truly stunning, while there’s so much history and insight throughout, as well as some fantastic art, including works by Damian Hirst and Phillips Pasqua.

An aquarium takes up the bottom floors of the museum, with over 4,000 species of fish and 200 families of invertebrates can be found. 

Prince Rainier III Antique Car Collection

Cars are a huge pastime, and Bobbie of Prince Rainier and another museum worth visiting is the one showcasing his private collection of antique vehicles.

It’s one of the most extensive and interesting collections around and is located by the palace. The range of cars is quite staggering, with F1 cars, classic sports cars, supercars, and even some of the first-ever vehicles and ancestors of the automobile.

Entry is reasonably priced, and it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours during the day before hitting the casino and trying to win enough to buy such a car!

The Fairmont Hairpin Curve

For any F1 fans, the first recommendation is, of course, to go during the Grand Prix weekend. However, if that’s not possible, then you can still enjoy the legacy it left and visit the famous sections of the track.

With the circuit on the street, you can even drive the same streets as the likes of Lewis Hamilton, and the Fairmont Hairpin Curve is just about the most famous section of it.

You can walk it or drive it, and it’s a must-stop, even just to see how tight it is and the skill that these drivers have! 

Featured Image by CandyGuru from Pixabay