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The Ultimate Guide to Best Video Editing Apps

Since the creation of gadgets, mobile phones are at the best they’ve ever been. With all the basic functions of a computer, phones can be a viable replacement for laptops and even cameras, and it’s easy to say that video editing has never been so portable.

Now that we’re at the most technologically advanced era the world has ever seen, mobile phones are leaving computers behind. With multiple apps for a photo, animation, and music editing, it’s no question that mobile phones also include video editing apps.

Video editing has never been easier and more accessible than they are now. Before, manually doing it was the only way, but now you can do it anywhere, anytime, on your phone or your computer. With or without a budget, an expensive camera, and even more expensive editing software, video editing is at the peak of its game, the best it has ever been, and more hyperbole that I can’t think of.

Video editing started with physically cutting and taping together films with clear tape. Nowadays, with the huge advances in technology, video editing has become the easiest it’s ever been. Instead of manually cutting and taping together film, you can easily do it on your computer, or maybe even your cellphones. Here are some of the best video editing applications on mobile devices. 

Video editing isn’t the only thing you need to make films and short videos, so go check out some audio recording and editing tools to help you make your videos even better through your phone, anywhere, anytime, and even if you’re broke! 

If you want to share your videos but are too lazy or broke to buy a USB or external hard drives, there are mobile apps for those, too! Video share is a great help to those who can’t afford USB and external hard drives because all it needs is a stable Bluetooth connection and a video to share.

Video graphic
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS and Android)

Adobe has finally stretched from its perch as one of the best video editing apps on a computer to becoming one of the best on mobile with Adobe Premiere Pro. With two methods of editing, Freeform, and Automatic, users can easily hone their skills with freeform or become a little lazier with automatic. You can get Adobe Premiere Clip for free, and that is already a huge plus. 

The best thing about this, in my opinion, is the fact that you can even move from editing on your mobile device to doing so on your computer. Through Creative Cloud, you can connect to your account and sync projects to your various devices. This feature makes it easier for you to access your projects anytime and anywhere.  

InShot (iOS and Android)

While not exactly free, InShot is more than just a video editing app. It can edit pictures and make collages too. It’s quite easy to use with a simple interface, and you’ll surely get your money’s worth for only $2.99; while the free version is also quite feature-heavy, you will have to deal with some watermark. 

WeVideo (iOS and Android)

WeVideo has a wide variety of video editing options for you to use. Not really free either, you have to pay to use all the options available. There is, of course, a free version, but it’s only got a limited amount of options compared to the premium. With the number of unique features, the premium version makes available, paying $4.99 per month is quite the catch.

KineMaster (iOS and Android)

Insightfully structured, KineMaster’s interface is extremely natural. It’s easy to comprehend and is full of stunning highlights that let you alter your videos with the utmost precision. Like most video editing apps, it utilizes the time like element so layering odds and ends of film and effects can be possible. Especially with its support for green-screen editing, paying $4.99 is nothing to the experience of the impressive features this program offers.

Concert video
Image by Hilary Clark from Pixabay

Magisto (iOS and Android)

If you’re tired of going through all your videos for the best parts, Magisto is perfect for you. Magisto uses AI Technology to find the best moments in your footage and helps you put them together, saving you time from going through all your footage over and over again, trying to find the best parts. Magisto makes your videos look professionally made with little effort on your part. While not exactly free, $4.99 is a good price in exchange for the various features the premium offers.

PicPlayPost (iOS and Android)

PicPlayPost helps you make 30 minute long videos straight from your mobile phone. With a variety of collaging and video editing choices, more than the standard video editing apps on mobile, PicPlayPost absolutely stands out. Just choose your pictures or videos, put on some music, and make sure it doesn’t clash with your sounds and viola! You have a great video to show off to your friends and the internet. And what’s best, it’s free!

Quik (iOS and Android)

From the makers of the internationally famous GoPro comes Quik. Quik is fast and intuitive, and through its automatic mode, it can help you choose the best from your footage and highlight it, as well as add transitions on your behalf. Much like Adobe Premiere Clip, automatic isn’t the only mode available in this app, as you can choose to have full control over editing your work with freeform mode. While not free completely free, Quik offers a 30-day free trial. After that, for $4.99 per month, Quik’s on the go features and editing options are perfectly worth it.

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash


Mobile phones have come a long way from that blocky, keypad pressing gadget it started as. Now, it’s basically a small, portable computer and camera with video editing apps to help you edit even if you’re away from home, have no access to a computer, or both. 

Through these apps, you can edit videos and movies and make them look professionally made. With the basics down, anyone can do it on their phones by themselves, with only the assistance of these apps. You no longer need a big budget and expensive video editing with these apps that help you make beautifully crafted videos, ready to share with the rest of the world, and show those bullies at school that you can be a filmmaker even if you’re not rich.

With these editing apps, video editing has become more accessible to the ordinary person.  It has helped aspiring film students to create polished videos with only a small budget. Not only film students, but those with creative minds that are looking for outlets. Film making has become so much more accessible and respected. Through these apps, it’s also gotten more people to go into filmography and editing, expanding the community, one generation at a time.

Our world will continue to evolve, and I believe that technology will become more advanced as time progresses. Mobile phones will become better, more feature-filled, and more comfortable than they are now, which is saying something. I wouldn’t be surprised if cameras and even computers become obsolete in the future.  Especially with the ever-evolving creative minds of app creators to help.

Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay