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Things to Know Before You Buy Timber Crates

Packaging and Shipment: Things to Know Before You Buy Timber Crates

You may find some information about the benefits of timber crates online, and you can place an order online for such crates. You can use such crates for packing your products and ship them safely to your customers. But, before you make your purchase, you need to consider the following factors: 

Why Would You Choose Custom Crates? 

You need to choose such timber crates according to your needs. You need to consider the weight of your products, and you must measure the dimension of your products before you choose such crates. In this case, you can go for the custom-built option. You can customize your crates according to your product size to provide enough support to your products. Timber crates can keep the internal component of your products safe during their transition. 

How to Choose the Timber Crates For On-Site Packaging? 

Pricing: Most of the companies offer on-site packaging facilities. You can find some timber crate manufacturers that provide this facility from their end. In this case, you do not need to store your goods in your warehouse for a long time, and you can ship them to the manufacturer, and they will shift them accordingly. But you need to check their rates before you choose. Most of the packaging industry charges on an hourly basis, and you can compare their prices to choose the best one. 

Durability: Most of the timber crates are durable, but you need to choose them according to their structural durability. You can select some crates made from plywood, but you need to check their quality before choosing. Heat-treated wooden crates can last longer, and they can keep your products safe from extreme weather conditions. So, you can check these features before you choose. 

Customer Care: You need such timber crates on a regular basis, and you cannot delay your shipment due to the unavailability of such crates. You must choose a company that has a strong customer support team. You can call their customer care to know about your shipment, and you can also request a replacement over the phone. Some companies offer same-day delivery, and you can choose such a company to save you time.

Does the Company Offer Customer Aid Design for Their Timber Crates? 

You need to ship your products with your business name and logo. You can customize your crates and design your crates with some colors, designs, business name, logo, and other details. Some companies can provide CAD files or computer-aided formats to their customers, and you can name any changes in their designs to create a unique style for your consignments. 

Does the Company Offer Free Quote? 

You need to choose such timber crates within your budget, and you can ask for the quote from different companies. You can compare their charges to select an affordable one. Multiple companies offer free estimates, and you can share your product details to get a free quote. 


Apart from that, you need to check the guarantee offered by the company, and you must read their terms before you buy. If you want to ship your heavy products with such timber crates, you can add steel to your crates to increase their durability and load-bearing capacity. These are some essential tips to choose these crates. 

So now you can search such crates online and choose the best one for your shipment. Timber crates are durable, recyclable, reusable, and eco-friendly. 

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay