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Tips For Getting the Maximum Money for Your Old Car

Some people may trash scrap autos because they need help understanding their value. Sincere to say, auto wreckers are experts who can appraise trash or junk autos. Just so that wreckers may more precisely estimate the price since they know how to split out the car into distinct sections. Selling old vehicles to auto wreckers for cash or components is an excellent option since you may get the most money possible.

It would help if you thought about the top car wreckers in Auckland when you want to sell a used car or profit from the pieces of damaged vehicles. Not only will it assist in getting rid of undesirable automobiles, but it will also provide a high return on investment. However, picking the best wrecker might seem more complex than it looks. Finding the greatest vehicle wrecker is difficult since many claims to be the best. Here are a few helpful suggestions for selling your car to the wrecker to help you make the best decision.

1. Do Your Homework

Never choose the first auto wrecker you come across. But, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with conducting research and compiling a list of at least three potential buyers for your damaged car.

Searching for vehicle wreckers online, such as at, is the most effective method to accomplish this. Then, get in touch with us to receive a ballpark figure on how much your automobile is worth. You must know its market value to receive maximum money when selling your old car.

2. Expert Car Inspections

Have the automobile inspected by a specialist so you can understand the current state of the vehicle. Correctly checking its engines, carburetors, and exhaust pipes is crucial. So it is best to properly inspect the automobile before contacting any companies.

3. Request Quotes From Multiple Auto Dismantlers

You should request quotations from many wreckers in your region and compare them. Ensure you accurately describe your car to them so they can give you the lowest pricing. You must understand how your car’s scrap value is calculated. Of course, you want to select a wrecker offering the most money for your old car.

Make sure to limit your comparison of quotations to the ultimate price for your car. You should also factor in the expense of transporting it to their wrecking yard.

4. Acquire A Price Comprehension

You will receive a different price from every auto wrecker. This is why it’s crucial to be aware of the typical cost of a car. Including how much a car is now worth based on its condition, various valuable components, and overall price.

5. Select A Reputable Car Wrecker

You may only acquire the best services and value-for-money bargains at the top car wreckers in Auckland. However, be cautious about picking a reliable business with a track record of providing its customers with the highest caliber services. For this reason, consider the company’s present standing, sincere comments, online evaluations, and the time the agency has been operating.

6. Negotiate The Purchase Price

Always remember to negotiate the ultimate price. By highlighting a few positive aspects of the car, you may bargain for a few additional bucks.

Since most junk automobiles are no longer operable, they must be moved or towed. Naturally, this lowers the vehicle’s worth. However, if your vintage automobile is still drivable, you should always be bold and ask for more. Set a set asking price for your car, and be sure you stick with it.


All models of vehicles, including old and damaged ones, are accepted by auto wreckers. They’ll also bargain with you if you’re eager to get rid of your old car. To receive the most fantastic price for your vehicle, heed the advice above.

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