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Quality Carpet Installation: Making Sure Your Handyman Did The Job Right

The job is complete. You ordered carpet with installation from your local carpet store and the experts just left your home. You can now enjoy your new flooring, that is after you’ve checked to ensure that the job was done correctly. Look at it this way – your new flooring wasn’t cheap, especially after you added in the cost of installation. If it isn’t done right, you’ll need to notify the installers immediately. Here’s what to look for when checking.

Look For Smooth Seams

Odds are, the carpeting wasn’t installed in one large chunk. It probably had to be cut to fit, which means that there might be a seam or two in the middle. You need to check to ensure that these seams aren’t visible. Also, look at the edges where your new carpeting meets the baseboards, doorways, walls, and other sections of the floor. Are the edge neatly tucked under? Can you see any edges that are fraying or loose? These edges should be tucked under and secured with adhesive, transition strips, carpet tape, or even tacks. If you see any of those fraying edges, call the company right away. Something isn’t right.

carpeted living room

Folds and Wrinkles

The professional installers should have used carpet tracks in order to stretch out the carpeting before they attached it to the floor. This should’ve taken care of any wrinkles or folds. If you see any large ones, then you need to call the company, because they didn’t install the carpeting correctly. However, if the only wrinkle or fold that you see is small and it goes away when you step on it, then you have nothing to worry about. You might see a few small ones here and there.

Divots and Buckling

The best way to check for these is to lay down on the floor and stare out at the carpet. These divots and buckles are usually described as being “hills and valleys” in the carpeting. They are signs that the carpeting was not installed smoothly, or that the subfloor wasn’t properly prepped. If you have a warped or damaged subfloor, then your carpet will have these uneven sections. A good carpet installation company will have checked the subfloor and then informed you of any issues before they proceeded with the job. If you didn’t elect to have the subfloor fixed, then that is on you. But, if they didn’t inform you properly, then they need to come back out and repair their mistakes.

Stair Edges and Liners

If you had your stairs carpeted, then you’ll need to make sure that the edge where the carpet meets the wall is smooth and secure. Both edges should look pristine. There also shouldn’t be any gaps between the stairs. If everything was done right, your stairs should look perfect. If there are loose sections between stairs, then you have a problem.

Since choosing the carpet with installation option wasn’t cheap, you need to ensure that the job gets done right. If you notice any red flags during your post-installation inspection, don’t be afraid to speak up.

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