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Tollywood Box Office Collection Report: Brahmotsavam 8th Day (Till Date)

Tollywood Box Office Collection Report: Brahmotsavam 8th Day (Till Date)

In the midst of lots of hype Mahesh Babu release his movie “Brahmotsavam”. The movie did not have a great buzz like all other movies of Mahesh did so far and could not reach to the expectations of the crowd while doing a little to average business to the filmmakers. We can presume that in the coming days the movie can draw a good of people to the theaters.

But his recent release Brahmotsavam didn’t do that good opening like expected by the filmmakers and that’s so poor. Individuals attracting towards the other films but not towards to Brahmotsavam, which is quite an unexpected thing for the filmmakers, who would look for the people viewing their film.

The picture opened with tons of expectations and hype, but this hype did not turn into a great crowd and individuals did not like to view this movie that’s terrible. Though movie released between 1000 screens but didn’t do anything that can help in creating history. Brahmotsavam turned out as a big disaster in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

But the movie hasn’t that type of buzz that awful and because the movie didn’t get the gain of great word of mouth.

It looks like the movie would make profits in the coming days gains going to be in coming days and that good ’s because people maybe can attract towards the film in good numbers and that is going to be the great step for the movie such as this.