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5 Tips to Buying Dab Tools

People love dabbing because it produces a limited amount of smoke. They also like it because it creates a potent product, and it is a clean way of consuming pot. Sadly, dabbing novices often choose the wrong equipment for this activity. In some cases, they break tweezers into two halves so that they can use them as dabbers. Doing so is a bad idea because it spoils your dabbing experience. Buy the right equipment instead. Here are 5 tips for buying dab tools.

  1. Match the Dabbing Tool to the Concentrate

Different types of concentrates exist including traditional hashes, solvent-less sifts, and hydrocarbon extracts. These hydrocarbon extracts include shatters and sugars. Handling them requires the use of specialized tools. For example, ballpoint tools are unsuitable for sappy concentrates, but they are useful when it comes to breaking shatter into small pieces. They can do it with pinpoint accuracy. Needlepoint dabbers are suitable for this purpose as well.

  1. Match the Dabbing Tool to Your Hardware


Dabbing tools are different. For example, most of them have a cap while others do not. Dabbing enthusiasts place this cap on top of the rings nail. Doing so suppresses and controls airflow. Interestingly, some tools have fitting caps. That means the cap has to fit this nail that is on the rig. Its size would determine whether the fitting is possible. In other words, the dabbing tool and its components have to match the kind of hardware that you have.

  1. Consider the Size of the Dab

Determining the dosage of cannabis concentrate that you are consuming is an excellent step towards moderating your use of it. One way of establishing a dosing system is by choosing the right tool because it will help you evaluate the quantity of the concentrates that you are using. For example, paddles and spoons are an excellent choice for dosing waxes. In contrast, pointy tools like needlepoints are suitable for dosing shatters.

  1. Buy Heat-Resistant Tools

You can damage your rig as you heat your nail. Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists. Dabbing enthusiasts call it a quartz banger. A quartz banger looks a dish without a dome. Make sure that this side faces away so that the heat moves from the rig to another area. Getting a quartz banger is also an excellent idea because it helps you vaporize concentrates in one dab. Finally, quartz bangers help you create incredible flavor leading to an improvement in your dabbing experience.

  1. Think About Where You Will Consume It

Conventional dabbing equipment is ideal for a home setting. Here, you will lay out everything on your table and then consume your marijuana conveniently and privately. However, what will you do when you are traveling? Will you carry your dabbing equipment? That would be a tedious undertaking. Instead, the best step is to opt for a dab tool that you can use on the road. In this case, you need a wax dab pen because you can carry it conveniently. Try it today.

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