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Top 7 Job Opportunities with a Masters in Global Accounting Degree

Are you interested in pursuing a lucrative career in the field of accounting? If yes, then pursuing an Accounting degree that gives you an international status can be a good choice. Take a look at the following job opportunities that a Masters in Global Accounting program has in store for you!

1. Auditor

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Auditors are responsible for inspecting a company’s financial records and checking for accuracy and reliability. The role of an auditor varies depending on the company or the type of auditing (internal, external, government, and forensic). Additional responsibilities of these professionals include:

  • Ensuring taxes are accurately filed;
  • Organizing and examining financial statements to comply with governmental laws;
  • Suggesting best-practice recommendations to management.

2. Information and Technology Accountant

Careers in technology and accounting are increasing, so is the demand for information and technology accountants. They are responsible for the particular system their company uses to organize and report financial data. This position requires knowledge in both accounting and information technology and is apt for individuals who are natural problem solvers and interested in identifying technological solutions.

3. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are experts at assessing the financial health of a business organization and helping guide investment decisions for it. Their duties are much more flexible when compared to other mainstream accounting jobs and can range across a range of fields, such as:

  • Data gathering;
  • Financial modeling;
  • Spreadsheet maintenance;
  • Developing investment theses;
  • Communicating with investors and management;
  • Forecasting.

4. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountant
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Forensic accountants spend their hours investigating fraud and using accounting skills like auditing to provide expert opinion on legal matters in the court of law. Forensic Accountants must be highly detail-oriented because all their reports are ultimately scrutinized in court by judges, attorneys, and juries.

5. Managerial Accountant

Managerial accountants are responsible for planning and preparing financial reports for internal employees. Their main purpose is to help high-level executives make informed and financially sound decisions. Some day-to-day tasks include:

  • Adapting operation and cost-based planning;
  • Forecasting;
  • Overseeing the product process;
  • Incremental costing;
  • Enterprise optimization. 

6. Corporate Controller

Corporate controllers are in charge of supervising an accounting department at a company and overseeing high-level financial strategies. They may also engage in activities, such as:

  • Maintaining financial statements;
  • Payroll;
  • Preparing budgets;
  • General ledger;
  • Tax compliance. 

7. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

CFO’s are efficient cross-functional leaders who assist a company make informed financial and business decisions. They are involved in implementing revenue strategies, access financial risks, and opportunities. Their key areas of employment include:

  • Financial management;
  • Performance;
  • Business strategy;
  • Risk management.

Obtaining a master’s degree in Global Accounting is the best possible option to land these high paying jobs. Apply soon.

Featured Image by William Iven from Pixabay