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Top 7 Sydney’s Suburbs (And Best Activities to Do in Them)

When it comes to this magnificent cosmopolitan city, it is really hard to a thorough description of its renowned sites, not because there are a lot of them, but because each part of Sydney is as flabbergasting as the other. From mesmerizing beaches, picturesque hills, to bedazzling downtown, Sydney has innumerable things to offer to suit everybody’s taste. You won’t encounter many places on the planet where you can go swimming and surfing one day, and the other day go for a stroll around stunning districts and immerse in an exciting and diverse culture. Since this vast city has abundant riveting activities to offer, you need to know where to head out to first and which parts of the may not be your cup of tea. Here is a list that will get you totally covered.

1. Surry Hills

If you are in for some bohemian charm and seek the opportunity to let your mind loose, then you should definitely visit Surry Hills. In the past, it used to be known as the city’s fashion district because there are many posh and interesting boutiques. However, locals now classify it as cool, creative and hipster part of Sydney. Whether due to numerous clothes shops, or inviting and buzzing pubs and restaurants, Surry Hills is ideal for people seeking a laid-back adventure with the opportunity to unwind. During the day you must line up to try Sydney’s best ice cream at Crown St at Gelato Messina, and at night get ready to see an amazing transition. By night, Surry Hills transfers into popping and fun area where you can listen to fantastic music, eat delicious foods, indulge in chart-hitting tracks, and even have a family fun night. An absolute must are Play Bar, Bearded Tit, and the well-known Bills.

Surry Hills
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2. Bondi Beach

The crystal clear waters, turquoise blue seas, mesmerizing weather, and an abundance of fun water activities is what awaits every visitors at Bondi Beach. Due to its close proximity to the city makes Bondi extremely popular beach for tourists and visitors alike. Explore the entire region by going on a guided walk from Bondi to Coogee, try out delicious ice cream, embark on exciting surfing lesson at one of the world’s most renowned beaches, and sip a cocktail or two at The Bucket List while watching the gorgeous sunset.

3. The Rocks

Many people see Sydney as a truly wonderful cosmopolitan city, but it has had its fair share of history just like any other city. If you want to experience the historic side of Sydney and have a perfect weekend getaway, then you should head out to The Rocks. As noted by the locals, the Rocks mark the birthplace of modern Sydney with its intact cobblestone streets and amazing heritage buildings. Here, besides soaking into a history lesson by going on a walking tour and visiting the oldest house in the city, Camden Cottage built-in 1816, those brave-hearted can also try out daring ghost tours that will take you through the historic and dank seedy bars. Basically, you will experience a grim feeling with a classy twist. Due to the fact that The Rocks is located near the city’s most iconic landmarks, Sydney Opera House and the impressive Harbour Bridge, you will be able to take gorgeous selfies with a one-of-a-kind view.

4. Crows Nest (Lower North Shore)

Welcome to Sydney’s most lively urban suburb. Located on the Lower North Shore part of the city, Crowie, as nicknamed by the locals, is famous for friendly atmosphere, enticing restaurants, and luscious shopping. The fact that it takes a 7-minute car drive to the heart of CBD makes it even more appealing to the business entrepreneurs and their visitors. Therefore, if you desire to welcome a foreign business partner, you can easily find luxurious and comfortable North Shore accommodation in close proximity to your office where you will get a perfect and tranquil place. The fact that life on the Lower North Shore continues to deliver a high standard of living, it has become a popular living area for people of all ages. Furthermore, Crow Nest can without a doubt brag about being a unique part of Sydney where you can enjoy fine dining in a neighborhood environment. Visit the restaurants with modern Australian cooking such as Monte Alto Eatery and Bar, Lola Cocina, and Bah-BQ Brazilian Grill.

5. Darlinghurst

Abbreviated as “Darlo” by the locals, this flamboyant part of Sydney is slowly pushing the notorious reputation and becoming a thriving and exciting corner of Sydney. Here you will find more bars than anywhere else in the city, and it is no wonder that many tourist guides recommend visiting Darlinghurst if you are in for a fun night out. Even though it remains a little bit eccentric, the 1950s themed cheeky bars and modern jazzy pubs will surely get everybody up on its feet dancing. Annual Mardi Gras parade is held on Oxford Street, so that is definitely a must. While you are there, you also must stop at the Oxford Art Factory to immerse yourself in the breathtaking pop-art inspired by Andy Warhol’s New York Factory. Plus, here you will find a lot of gay-friendly bars where they serve cocktails to die for, and vintage lovers will find exquisite fashion boutiques on Crown Street, so Darlo is truly a place to be.

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6. Manly Beach

Manly is Australia’s top-notch place by the sea. Manly beach is the quitter alternative alongside its famous competitor, Bondi Beach, because here you can enjoy the perfect sunshine without the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Surrounded by amazing beaches and harbor side swimming spots, “God’s Country” as referred by the locals is ideal for relaxing and surfing. If you are not very keen of waves, then you can go on a short stroll to the adjacent wharf, Manly Cove. In order to visit this coastal peninsula you need to take the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay.

7. Chippendale

Don’t be fooled of its small size, Chippendale might be considered as one of the smallest Sydney suburbs, but this is the place to go to if you desire to have a serene stay with a touch of luxury. Chippendale has maintained its vibrant edge as one of the most booming neighborhoods. Here you will find vertical hanging gardens on the buildings that stretch like tapestries across the outer wall. Known as One Central Park, this stunning apartment building has astonishing 250 species of Australian flora. All around this friendly neighborhood is lush parkland, a lot of colorful and daring coffee shops that give Sydney an urban twist unlike anywhere on the planet. Visitors can grab delicious Asian delights on the go, or order a tasty pastry and mouth-watering fine-crafted sodas from Brickfield, and eat your food in is some of the laneways that are curving around Central Parks just like the locals.

These parts of Sydney might be the most thrilling ones, but there are many gorgeous beaches, strenuous hills, and numerous other sites that will absolutely captivate you. In order to visit most of Sydney’s gems, you need to stay at least two weeks or make Sydney your new home.

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