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Top Cycling Destinations Every Sustainable Traveler Dreams About

As a sustainable traveler, you’re surely taking all possible steps to help preserve the planet for all future generations. From traveling less by plane to opting for accommodation options that use renewable power sources, there is a lot that we all can do to protect the environment. One thing you might also love doing is exploring various destinations while cycling. Here are some of the best suggestions that you can visit on your bike.

Explore the charming San Juan Islands

If you live in the United States, there are surely countless beauties that you still haven’t discovered. Before you sit on a plane and jet off to some faraway destination, explore your own backyard first. One spot you might not have yet visited is the San Juan Islands. This archipelago that is part of Washington state consists of four islands. It is easily accessible by ferry from Seattle and Anacortes, so pack your bike and get ready to see some stunning Pacific Ocean views and gorgeous rolling hills. Moreover, you might even encounter some local wildlife.

Cycle through Central America

Another interesting trip that might not require using planes is pedaling through Central America. You can either look for a guided tour or plan your route to take you along the iconic Pan American Highway. Here, you will cycle through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. For example, you can journey through the Nicaraguan countryside and cross Lake Nicaragua before entering Costa Rica and reach Irazú – the country’s highest volcano. You can also stop at San José and explore the capital for a couple of days before continuing your journey to Panama. Along the way, you’ll see sugarcane plantations while you can stroll around Panama City, go snorkeling, and cycle the highland tracks once you arrive in Panama.

Cycling in Central America
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Continue further south to Chile

While you might not be up for continuing this journey down to Chile right away, you don’t want to skip the Carretera Austral if you ever find yourself in the country. This route is over 1,200 kilometers long and is partially unpaved and deserted, providing you with a real Patagonian adventure. Although not for the faint of heart, if you prepare yourself properly and plan your trip for the summer, you will be greeted with some breathtaking views of lakes, glaciers, and mountainous terrain. As you will not be able to cover it all in one go, plan your stops carefully and include some interesting spots like Pumalín National Park and Cerro Castillo National Park.

Enjoy the beauty of New Zealand

Staying in the Southern Hemisphere, you can also explore New Zealand in this sustainable way. Known for welcoming people and stunning natural beauty, this country should most definitely find a spot on your bucket list, no matter how late in life you decide to visit it. The South Island can easily be discovered while cycling. For example, you can start in Queenstown and go through small gold-mining towns like Alexandra and Hyde while cycling the iconic Central Otago Rail Trail. Along the way, you will see pristine rivers, open plains, and you might even spot some whales in Kaikōura.

Go on a couples’ tour of wineries of South Australia

If you and your significant other have decided to explore every last corner of Australia, you can also consider riding among the vineyards of South Australia. Opt for the 7-kilometer long Shiraz Trail, which links McLaren Vale with Willunga for a shorter ride. In the latter, you can find a farmers’ market every Saturday morning. While exploring the area, you can stop by Hugh Hamilton, Serafino, and Shingleback wineries. If you’d like something a bit more demanding, the Coast to Vines Rail Trail might be just the thing. Pack your reliable gravel bikes for this 35-kilometer beauty that overlooks sea cliffs at Marino Rocks at its start.

Cycling with a friend
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Witness the diversity of Morocco

Maybe you’re considering Africa for your travels. In that case, you will surely like Morocco and its diversity. You can find guided cycling holidays that will take you through the Jebel Sahro region. During this trip, you’ll be able to see High Atlas’s snow-covered peaks and Sahara’s epic dunes. As you’ll want to avoid it in the summer months due to the climate of this region. You can consider escaping to Morocco in the winter and cross the 2,615-meters tall Tamtattouchte Pass as well as pass through the so-called Valley of the 1000 Kasbahs before you reach the town of Zagora, an oasis on the edge of Sahara.

Be carefree in Ireland

Europe is also not lacking when it comes to amazing destinations for sustainable travelers. Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is sure to take your breath away with its scenery and tranquility. The green hills and valleys you will see if you decide to visit the Galway area during your cycling trip will make this experience memorable, even if you decide to go on a pub crawl in the evening. The summer months are best for this trip but due to the country’s notoriety for rain, make sure you bring all the sturdy gear you might need. A great thing about exploring the West of Ireland is that you can stick to your schedule and decide what you want to see and when. Plus, even if you don’t have a bike, you can easily rent one when you get there.

See the bike path inspired by Van Gogh

While in Europe, you can also visit the town of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Artist Daan Roosegaarde created a path that pays homage to Vincent van Gogh – one of the country’s most famous artists who lived in the town for a few years. The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path relies on solar-powered blue and green LEDs to interpret Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Visit this 600-meter long path in the evening to see it in its full glory and stop by at many locations from the painter’s life.

Take a trip through Rajasthan in India

Asia is also full of gems that you can take on if looking for a cycling holiday. For instance, India’s state of Rajasthan is a beautiful area that you simply don’t want to skip on your travels. For example, you can see all the natural beauty of this amazing country if you take a trip from Udaipur to the Taj Mahal. While Udaipur is known as the Venice of the East thanks to its network of streams, rivers, and lakes, you can also take a detour to Jaipur, the state’s capital, a famous tourist destination.

Cycling in Laos
Photo by Sheep . from Pexels

Travel from Vietnam to Laos

Finally, you can also think about taking a cycling trip from Vietnam to Laos. Begin your journey in Hanoi to see everything this beautiful city has to offer. You can then pack your essentials and start your backroad adventure to Laos, taking you along the highest road pass in Vietnam – the Tram Ton Pass. The trail will have you pedaling through the Sapa region and staying in traditional villages by the road. Finish your holiday in Luang Phabang, a city in north-central Laos.

When looking for a destination that you can explore by bike, keep these interesting locations in mind. You will surely not be disappointed.

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels