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Visiting Croatia: What UK Tourists Need to Consider

With its striking coastline, crystal blue seas, gothic architecture, and rich history, it’s unsurprising why Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. But not only is Croatia stunning, but it’s also comparatively safe, especially for solo travelers. However, there are certain considerations to consider before visiting the country if you’re coming from the UK. Read on to find out what all UK tourists need to consider before heading to Croatia. 

Packing list

Your packing list for Croatia really depends on when you plan to visit. Spring and Summer – from around June to September – can be very hot for those of us used to the UK climate, so pack light clothes in natural fabrics that’ll keep you cool. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat to protect you from the rays. Pack some more clothing layers if you plan to visit Croatia in the cooler months. While the temperature is still fairly pleasant, it can get chilly at night by UK standards. Bring waterproofs in the colder months as the country experiences rain at those times. It’s worth considering that many large tourist places, such as Dubrovnik and Split, have cobbled streets and many steps, so comfortable shoes are definitely a must.

Health and safety

Croatia has a beautiful coastline with many high picturesque cliffs, but you should be careful when exploring it. To avoid injury, don’t attempt to climb these cliffs unless you’re under the guidance of a designated climbing instructor. Also, don’t jump off the cliffs, regardless of how inviting the blue sea below looks. It’s worth noting that some places, such as Petrinja and Sisak, were severely damaged by an earthquake in December 2020. It’s best to avoid these places for the time being until you know for sure that they have had their infrastructure repaired to ensure safety. Another safety factor to consider is that Croatia is prone to forest fires between June and September, so always monitor the latest media and government news for updates. Unfortunate incidents can and do happen regardless of how careful you are when in another country, so always ensure you have good insurance coverage. You can take advantage of numerous travel insurance offers, so it’s worth taking the time to determine which is best for you. 

Croatia scenery
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The law

Croatia is generally safe, with rates of violent crime relatively low. However, just like most tourist hotspots, there’s always going to be the risk of pickpockets in crowded places, so always keep your wits about you and avoid carrying all your cash and valuables together. You should always respect local laws and customs regardless of where you go, and it’s worth noting that you can actually get fined for dressing inappropriately in some Croatian towns. Going shirtless, walking around the street in swimwear, or wearing clothes promoting drug use can result in fines. Most towns will have signs informing visitors of prohibited actions, so always be mindful of your surroundings. 

Covid restrictions

Croatia has implemented various public health measures regarding the covid 19 pandemic, and failure to comply with these can result in fines or prosecution. At present, all travelers visiting Croatia must complete an online entry form before arrival and provide proof of vaccination. Entry requirements are liable to change without warning, so always double-check with the latest government guidelines for traveling to Croatia before you go. 


It’s no surprise why Croatia is such an attractive destination for UK tourists. With its pleasant climate, rich culture, and history, it certainly stands out as a place to go. But it’s important to be mindful of various things before you visit the country. Follow our advice on what to consider before visiting Croatia to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe holiday.

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