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3 Ways to Stand Out at Work

Working in a corporate environment can often make you feel like just another fish in the sea. Maybe everyone at your office dresses alike and acts alike to the point they all begin to blend together. Take initiative of your work, your image, and your life by taking steps towards showing your personality more in your everyday life—at work or not. Here are easy some ways to stand out in the work environment.

Accessories are an easy way to show personality


Accessories provide a more material way to stand out, but anything helps. Wearing professional clothes that also show off your personal style is an easy way to express yourself. Stock up on fun scarves, jewelry, watches, and anything else that gives your look a personal flair. Shoes are one of the easiest accessories to have fun with, so be sure to take a look at your shoe collection first. Investing in stylish shoes that express your personality is a sure way to stand out to your coworkers as someone who literally puts their best foot forward.

Accessories shouldn’t just relate to apparel. There is also the option of investing in more functional accessories for the workplace like business cards or custom folders. This is a professional way to look more pulled together than others. You will stand out with personalized folders and other documents that showcase your individuality. Combining this accessory with your fashion accessories will definitely help you shine at work.

Become an expert in something

Becoming an expert in things is a smart way to stand out from the crowd. Whatever your “thing” is, learn all you can about it. Take your skills and amplify them. If you are a coding guru, brush up on having an answer to as many coding questions as possible. Becoming an expert in the things you are good at is a great way to stand out and help others see your worth in the office.

Being an expert is a concept that comes from the idea that specialization is important. You have to have something to offer that makes you stand out from the crowd. This can mean a variety of technical skills or even just the ability to be the one that can get everyone to focus in meetings! Find what you are good at and become the token expert in your workspace.

Be someone that people feel they can come to with questions

Along with being an expert in things, make sure you are someone that people can easily come to with questions. This may feel like a distraction or something that will keep you from working, but it is a great asset to your career and ability to connect with other employees. People feel a lot more at ease at work when they know there is someone around who is always down to help them. This ultimately will make you stand out from everyone else and keep your job.

Asking questions also should be encouraged at work. Let other employees know that anytime they have a question to ask of you, your door is always open!

If you are at a job you like and want it to be further felt throughout the workplace, do these things to stand out and make yourself a permanent asset to the company. Everyone has the ability to highlight their skills by being someone who is an expert at what they do while also being open for questions. These are some of the best tips to bring with you to work, along with some amazing style that shows your personality.

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