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What to Do When You Want a Career Change

If you are feeling stuck at your present job, and you have the urge to take on a completely different profession, but still don’t know how to take action, then this article is for you. If you ever felt dissatisfied with your current position, but you keep coming back, doing the daily grind, you probably feel caught in a vicious cycle. However, there are ways to break it, so here are some actions you can take if you’ve been pondering a serious (career) change.

First step: admit you have a problem

In order to go up, first, you have to hit rock bottom. True, it needn’t be too drastic – it’s enough even if it takes place only in your head.

Think thoroughly about your current job, and imagine yourself 10 years from now. How would you be feeling if you were to remain in the same position, or perhaps doing a similar job in more or less the same type of company? If the very thought of such prospect causes anxiety and restlessness, then you have to finally admit you have a problem. You dislike your job and you will be much more satisfied (and probably a better worker) somewhere else. So, it’s time you took a step in the right direction.

Find your hidden talents

Or perhaps remind yourself of those which aren’t as obvious. As a matter of fact, most people aren’t aware of their (hidden) potentials. Maybe you are good with numbers, have a way with people, or you know how to tell a story. Basically, try to remember what it is that makes you happy and satisfied. If it’s one of your hobbies, then you have a great start. For instance, a love of cooking can lead you towards becoming a chef, or a restaurant owner.

Get educated

Now that you have established what areas you are good at, it’s time you developed your skills and talents. Even if you are not quite sure what you are good at, you can try taking an online quiz to see what might appeal to you. There are a number of online educational institutions (Open University, UK; Harvard University, US; Open Colleges, Australia) with courses catering to various professions that have nationally recognised qualifications. Some even include courses with a practical work placement in a setting of your choosing.

Work with a career counsellor

Don’t think that only high school students are the ones who are getting their advice. The job of a career counsellor (or a coach) is to find you the best possible job, or at least narrow down the business fields which you would find enjoyable and interesting.

Get moving

So far, we have focused mostly on your inner work, but you should put some effort into improving your connections, too. Join some groups on social networks which interest you. If you are taking a course, have a chat with your classmates. Being an introvert is no excuse – you will simply have to get out of your comfort zone so as to gain new connections which can help you in your future job search. Get in touch with your old colleagues, go to conferences and seminars, and the employment opportunities will present themselves.

Update your CV

This is also a very important psychological step since nothing says you are ready for a new job like updating your CV. Try to focus on your accomplishments, not just your education or experience, and be prepared to send it to a new employer very soon.

Making a career change is a somewhat daunting prospect, and it is completely natural if you are feeling a bit apprehensive. However, it only takes one leap of faith to eventually become a success, and you have already done that by reading this article.