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What Types of Burial Could You Opt for in 2021?

Once upon a time, your only option for burial would have been in a traditional plot with a gravestone. Nowadays, there are many other options open to you, and it something to consider for the future. Let’s take a quick look at some of the burial options you might want to consider.

Grave Plot

Of course, you should always consider a traditional grave. It is one of the easiest to arrange, and it gives your loved ones a place to visit if they want to be near you. If you want to opt for a traditional burial site, you should contact the cemetery to find out how to get a plot there. If the cemetery is already pretty full, you might want to think about buying a plot well in advance so that you have the guarantee that you will manage to be buried there.


If people do not wish to be buried, they will often choose cremation. This is a great option, and it is often easy to arrange. Looking for the best cremations in Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas, should give you plenty of information to find a good ceremony, whether you end up heading to a company like or another.

One of the big advantages of choosing to be cremated is that you will be able to pick where you are scattered. Many crematoriums have gardens of scattering attached, but you could also choose to be scattered in one of your favorite places. Though you would have to check with the right government agencies, you could even potentially be scattered somewhere like the Gulf of Mexico.

Burial Pod

Those who are inclined to a more eco-friendly lifestyle might want to consider a burial pod as their chosen form of burial. These are growing in popularity, and they can create a little monument to your legacy that is very distinctive and different from something else you could opt for. 

Your body is placed into a special biodegradable pod, and from that pod will grow a tree. It is a lot more natural and beautiful than a headstone, and many people are choosing to be buried this way for that exact reason. Many companies are now beginning to offer this style of burial. If you want to contribute to a new life cycle in some way, this can be a very fitting way to do so.

These are just three of the options that you could choose when it comes to your burial. You need to make sure that you are going to be picking something that best honors your memory. Remember, you can include your burial wishes in your will. Don’t forget this crucial step. It could provide some much-needed guidance to your family and loved ones if you pass on before telling them of your wishes. No matter whether you want a gravestone, a tree, or to be scattered in the waters of the Gulf, the choice is up to you.

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