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Where to Go on Your Road Trip With A Leiebil In Alicante

The best way to reach a holiday resort in Alicante, Spain, is via rental car and road trip. There’s no better feeling than cruising along the coastline, particularly when you have the freedom to stop at a whim to check out any sight along the way; there are so many. Click here for why you should discover Alicante with a car rental.

The only issue you’ll find once you reach Alicante is street parking which can be exceptionally challenging in the central location, especially during the busy weekend times of the summer. 

The best opportunity is to find one of two parking garages close to the harbor, often with spots available. One is near a prominent hotel, and the other is near a prime shopping center.

You’ll also find parking near the beach areas. Still, the suggestion is to pay to grab a spot at the garage since you’ll most likely spend a lot of time circling looking for one of many coveted parking places in the prime locations around the beaches since these will be few and far between.

While Alicante has so much for visitors to see and do, getting a car from a trusted supplier like Goautos Alicante will ensure you can get out and explore the stunning Costa Blanca and surrounding area. Make sure to talk with the locals. 

This is where you will get excellent advice on the places you need to go plus you’ll get a bit of history in the area and make some new friends.

Costa Blanca
Image by Alexander Gresbek from Pixabay

What To See On Your Road Trip In Your Leiebil In Alicante

When deciding how to explore the lovely Alicante, Costa Blanca, and surrounding areas, most people will choose a road trip over public transport. You can see so much more and stop as you decide to get out and experience the areas you find enticing just a little bit closer. 

There are so many sights to check out it’s tough to fit it all in with merely one trip, but there are highlights that you should attempt to make a priority as you drive along in your hired car. Some things that many of the locals will recommend to their traveling friends include:

The Algar Waterfalls

The suggestion is that you will need to allow roughly 60 minutes of driving time for this visit to arrive at incredibly clear water that you can cool off after an approximate 1.5 km hike. Plus, you can view breathtaking falls for which there are seven pools you can take advantage of by taking a dip. 

You’ll find several restaurants in the area, plus spots to picnic and a lighthouse to explore. Suppose you’re genuinely adventurous after all that activity. In that case, you can drive another 16 miles or approximately 40 minutes to a natural park, “Serra Gelada,” where you can experience impressive views while hiking, plus a marine park that you can travel to by boat. 

When renting your car, make sure you find an agency that gives unlimited mileage, so you don’t have to worry about how much you travel on a given day.

The Canelobre Caves

The drive to the caves will take merely half an hour, nearly 14 miles from Alicante in Busot. These comprise a vast cave system with what is described as an extensive “vault” comparable to a cathedral. 

The suggestion is to follow a guide for the most extraordinary insight into the limestone formations used during the Spanish Civil War for aircraft repair.

The stalagmites/stalactites are stunning to view, but as you leave to go to the Moorish castle on the outskirts of the town of Busot, there is so much more history to explore.


A beautiful seaside city to visit while staying in Alicante is around 50 minutes by rental car. You can go and relax by the magnificent beaches and maneuver your way around the harbor to take in the views at the promenade. 

Once you drive in, you’ll go past salt lakes, one of which is pink and the other one is turquoise. In the surrounding area, you’ll spot numerous varieties of birds like flamingos.

 Suppose you drive a bit further, approximately 12 miles, to Lo Rufete. In that case, this boasts a park where you can enjoy many adventurous activities, including archery, kayaking, horseback riding, and so much more.

Image by Rafa Monllor from Pixabay


Another lovely road trip destination is Guadalest which will take you and your hired car nearly an hour to arrive at the destination. It is where you will find the San Jose castle atop a rock with a mesmerizing view of the entire region. 

The indication is when you’re driving to this point, you can take a trip through “Casa Orduna. That is a quaint village home that still houses the original 18th-century furnishings.

The drive boasts the most picturesque route to reach the mountainous Guadalest village to experience views of the reservoir below and the charming town. The San Jose Castle is a fortress that sits on the region’s highest point atop a rock. 

Visitors can walk through a tunnel that actually joins the old town with the castle with cobbled streets to follow until you reach the unique “Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.” Or you can drive a bit further (merely five miles) to a car museum for those automobile enthusiasts. Guadalest is one area you won’t want to miss on your travels to Alicante.

Image by Nacho Ruiz from Pixabay


A roughly 50-minute drive will take you to what has become known as the “icon” of Costa Blanca. You will see a mesmerizing tiled dome in blue-and-while atop a church in Altea alongside the houses, which are all white-washed. This Moorish quarter is a favored tourist resort to wander to the promenade or relax on the lovely beaches.

For those who enjoy climbing, the “Penon de Ifach rock” is a famous attraction for those looking for awesome views and to check out birds in the area. It’s not an easy climb, though, so make sure you’re up for it. If you take a roughly seven-mile drive heading back to Alicante, you can enjoy Benidorm, an entertaining resort with many fun-filled activities. 


This will be your most extended road trip at nearly two hours but the most appreciated for the architecture, notably its cathedral at the heart of the town in “El Carmen.” Valencia is north of Alicante and boasts the third-largest city, known for outstanding architecture and fantastic cuisine.

One sight that visitors are encouraged to see is the “City of Arts and Sciences.” Two architects are responsible for the striking assembly consisting of an opera house, aquarium, science museum, planetarium, and cinema.

You’ll find a large Central Market in the area where you can purchase local foods, view art, take in the “Unesco-listed Silk Market,” and see the Holy Grail located at the Valencia Cathedral – a must-see.

Final Thought

These are merely a few suggestions on places you can drive to in your hired car on your road trip in areas surrounding Alicante. Don’t forget while you’re in the lovely city of Alicante; there is so much to check out there as well. Take at least one day of your holiday to drive around the large city, relax by the beach, enjoy the cuisine, and visit local landmarks before you explore.

That’s the incredible thing about a road trip. There are no restrictions on your time, the places you go, or when you decide to stray off the beaten path. You have absolute independence and freedom.

One piece of advice – there is a rule in Spain requiring those who drive the car to wear “trainers” or shoes with closed toes to drive instead of no shoes, flip flops, or even high-heeled shoes. It’s okay to relax but not behind the wheel, folks.

Featured Image by Francisco José Soler from Pixabay