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Where to order stage rentals?

Any big event usually needs stages, no matter whether it takes place outdoors or indoors. Stages ensure that every visitor will have the possibility to fully enjoy the performance and gain a memorable experience. That’s why, for event organizers, it’s necessary to pay a lot of attention to suppliers of staging equipment with which they cooperate to host an event.

AudioVideoNYC is a distinct option for those who are looking for stage rental services. As an experienced provider, the company guarantees high quality of all pieces of equipment and affordable tariffs for rental. If you need to organize an event in New York City, AudioVideoNYC is the first supplier you need to contact when looking for equipment. Below, we’ve listed several reasons why.

Which stages can be rented?

AudioVideoNYC is known for its rich selection of stages available for different types of events. Whether you organize a large music festival or a small summer party, AudioVideoNYC will find something relevant for you:

  • Portable outdoor stages: These are big platforms with a set of lighting trusses included. This type of staging is mostly ordered for outdoor concerts with a big audience.
  • Runway stage: Platforms of rectangular forms that are mostly used during fashion shows. The construction of runway stages allows participants (mainly models) to execute their walk performances that would be visible to a wide audience.
  • Risers: These are platforms designed to improve the quality of small performances. They are usually ordered for events that take place in small indoor venues. The main function of such equipment is to elevate the performer and make sure they are visible to the visitors regardless of the small space available in the venue.
  • Mobile truck stage: The best option for hosts of small outdoor events who want to ensure the quick setup, removal, and transportation of staging. This method is quite efficient and customizable, which allows for saving funds and time.
  • Pool covers: To organize a performance in the middle of a water pool is a great way to attract and entertain the audience. Pool covers are the best options for such needs. You can be sure that your guests will be excited to take part in such an event.

Why rent?

The availability of different types of stages is a good feature of AudioVideoNYC. But can this supplier offer anything else beyond only the diversity of stages? Here are some key reasons why you should consider its services:

  • Free delivery: This provider specializes in providing its services within the NYC area. This allows the company to save funds on transportation and offer free delivery of its equipment.
  • Supporting inventory: AudioVideoNYC provides all types of equipment you need for your event, from elegant stage backdrops for theatrical performances to modern disco balls and dance floors for memorable parties.
  • Professional consultation and installation: With AudioVideoNYC, you can not only rent the necessary equipment but customize it so as to make sure it perfectly suits the atmosphere of your event. This is possible thanks to the great flexibility of the company and the professional setup services provided.

Featured Image by Rahul Pandit from Pixabay