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Why Hand Soap Dispensers at Work Is Very Important

As there are a lot of people in a company, touching the same surfaces is imminent. To avoid the company being the center for spreading infectious diseases, we should pay special attention to hygiene at work. This is crucial at all times of the year, especially in the wintertime, when there is a larger presence of germs, bacteria, flu, and viruses. To ensure that your employees are healthy and maintain their hygiene, you should provide them with the necessary tools and conditions. That means having plenty of functional soap dispensers and air dryers around the bathroom, with some motivational and reminder posters to wash hands. This is important for several reasons. First of all, having a soap dispenser is the best option:

  • reduces the points of touch in the bathroom
  • a better option than bar soap
  • maintenance is easier
  • cleaner
  • better in stopping the spread of germs
  • encourages handwashing as well as promotes cleanliness, and affects productivity indirectly. 

However, this is achieved only if we know how to wash our hands properly. Sometimes we need to do some encouragement with handwashing posters around the bathroom.

It reduces points of touch in the bathroom

It is always better to touch as few points in the bathroom as possible to prevent the spreading of germs. Exactly because of this reason, having a soap dispenser is a much better alternative than having a bar soap. When it comes to old-fashioned bar soaps, they are quite unhygienic. Everybody touches them directly, so there is a greater chance of picking up some disease. The same is true for outdated soap dispensers – they can act as a thriving point for germs. The new generation of touch-free soap dispensers is ideal for maintaining your hands clean and the dispenser germ-free. 

It’s a better option than bar soaps

washing hands with bar soap
Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

Using foam soap dispensers is a much better option than using bar soaps, as already briefly mentioned, for several reasons. For starters, the mere look at a gross, slimy bar soap is repelling, and you don’t even want to touch it and let alone use it to scrub it all over your hands. Next, it’s not something you want your clients or customers to see and employees to use, especially if they’re working with food. Furthermore, the bar soap tray is encased with millions of bacteria and germs just waiting to be spread around. It is particularly dangerous for people with weak immune systems. For all these reasons, a no-touch foam soap dispenser is a much healthier solution for your company.

Maintenance is easier

Even though these modern soap dispensers are more reliable, they still need to be maintained. They require regular refills, as otherwise, they lose their main purpose. It’s essential to work with a reliable company that will promptly deliver soap refills and performs a regular check-up on the dispenser to make sure they are working properly. You should make sure they are both practical and functional as you don’t want your employees using the bathroom and not washing their hands. 

They are a cleaner option

Again, if we compare soap dispensers to bar soaps, we can notice that the former are cleaner. Bar soaps tend to leave streaks and scum all over the sink and the counter. That soap residue is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Besides looking appalling, the cleaning staff should take care of it no every day, but a few times during a working day. Even though the liquid soap found in soap dispensers is thick, it doesn’t leave any residue, besides having cleansing qualities.

It stops the spread of germs

Handwashing, if done properly, with the help of the right soap, saves lives – it’s a fact. Some recent alarming studies have shown that most people don’t wash their hands long enough to remove all the bacteria. Also, many people skip the soap, and one person out of 10 tends to skip the handwashing process altogether. To stop the spread of dangerous germs, everybody should learn how to wash hands properly and do it whenever using the bathroom. 

It encourages handwashing

Hand washing
Image by zukunftssicherer from Pixabay

Having a nice, fully functional, and practical soap dispenser filled with sanitizing and nicely-smelling foamy soap is so inviting. It simply calls us to use it and refresh our hands. If we don’t use them and touch the knobs, handles, keyboards, and other surfaces, we risk spreading germs around the company.

It shows that you care about cleanliness

Modern soap dispensers placed strategically in the bathroom work to your benefit on many levels. It gives a positive picture about you as an employer as it shows that you care about cleanliness, hygiene and that health matters to you. 

It indirectly affects productivity

This is an aspect that we hardly ever think about, but it is, in fact, of high importance. Providing your employees with healthy and hygienic work conditions promotes good health and, thus, better productivity. How come? People are less likely to get sick and take sick days if they are working in a clean and healthy environment. They also feel good and energized to do their job well and the best they can. So basically, healthy employees mean a healthy company.

How to wash hands properly

As most people don’t know how to wash their hands properly and aren’t aware of the high importance of that act, it’s good to remind them from time to time. So, what are the steps of handwashing? First of all, wet your hands thoroughly with warm water, and only then use the soap dispenser. Next, scrub your hands with the soap, reaching all the spots for about 20 seconds. After, rinse them thoroughly. And finally, dry your hands fully either with a paper towel or an air dryer.

Hand hygiene is crucial for our overall health, and it should be especially emphasized in public places, such as companies. 

Featured Image by congerdesign on Pixabay