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Why is Compensation Important After an Accident?

A vehicular accident of any kind can be traumatic and physically devastating. Even a small fender bender can result in whiplash or a cracked skull or slipped disk, and there’s nothing you can do about the need for medical attention. But, instead of accepting your bills and letting the insurance companies take advantage of you, you can fight back with a lawyer and receive compensation.

The idea of this scares people.

Here’s why compensation is so important after an accident.  

The Medical Cost

This may be the most obvious reason, but it can’t be overstated.  Our bodies are incredibly fragile, and a small crash can result in a large amount of damage. Unfortunately, the healthcare system in America is extraordinarily expensive to get as much money from insurance companies as possible. This leaves victims at a high risk of going into bankruptcy over medical debt, which would stay on their credit report for at least seven years.

Medical costs
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The Emotional Toll

There’s a high emotional toll that comes from having to go through an accident. Although this might not be a side effect in smaller cases, in times where there’s a lot of bodily or vehicular damage, people can often feel a deep amount of dread and panic, knowing they almost lost their lives. This can leave them unable to go into cars without feeling anxious or unable to control their emotions without medication. The emotional toll is huge and overwhelming.

Vehicle Repair Costs

There’s no accident without vehicular damage. Regardless of how much it costs, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you and your insurance shouldn’t have to pay for it. This cost can be massive, and many insurance companies will go out of their way to avoid paying for it, despite being the reason they exist. Furthermore, if your car can’t be repaired, it has to be replaced, which can be an even larger amount of money to lose.

The Time Off From Work

If your injury were extensive enough, you’d lose time at work. These lost wages can be extremely hard to deal with since you’ll already have many financial issues on your plate. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, which leaves them vulnerable to homelessness or unable to pay for necessities if they have to lose a couple of days or weeks of work. A good personal injury lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA, would understand the importance of gaining back these losses.

Loss of Use of Body Parts or Functions

If the injuries cannot be completely healed, you may find yourself disabled or incapable of using certain body parts. This greatly affects what type of work you can do, how much mobility you have in your daily life, and what you can do for fun. A vehicular incident that leaves you like this should not leave you empty-handed. Compensation can’t fix this for you, but it can help you go to physical and emotional therapy so that you can gain back your independence and move further away from what the crash did to you.

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