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Why You Should Consider Moving Your Family to Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken is a small town located in South Carolina that has recently become a hot spot for families since being voted “Best Small Town in the South” by Southern Living magazine in 2018. Although Aiken is a small town, there is still lots to do for families. It is also the perfect place to live if you and your family enjoy horse riding or golf. Below we look at why you should consider moving your family to Aiken, South Carolina. 

It Is Affordable

If you are looking to get more from your budget, Aiken has lots of property to choose from that give you value for money, especially when you compare prices to bigger cities in the US. You can expect to live more comfortably in Aiken while still getting all the benefits of living in The Palmetto State, with lower taxes. 

The real estate in Aiken has something for every family’s budget and size. EZ Home Search makes the process straightforward when looking at homes for sale. Their property search feature allows you to search for local Aiken listings within your budget. EZ are real estate agents that work within South Carolina and can assist you in finding your perfect home. 

The Weather Is Great

Aiken is a wonderful place to move if you want better weather and less snow. The summers are hot, and the winters are mild, which is great news for families who love the outdoors and want to make the most of their free time, no matter the season. If you are not used to summers in the South, expect to see a few thunderstorms! 

Aiken Brings A Sense of Community

If you love the idea of walking down the street and chatting to neighbors like old friends, a quaint town such as Aiken could be the ideal place for you and your family. Everyone here is friendly, and the annual events truly bring a sense of community for adults and children alike. In the spring, expect to see amazing events like the Bluegrass Festival. The Farmer’s market is in full swing in summer and is a wonderful place to pick up local produce and support your local community. 

The fall brings amazing events like Oktoberfest and Aiken’s Makin, a 2-day art and crafts show that everyone can get involved with. Aiken hosts its annual tree lighting ceremony and other Christmas and Thanksgiving activities in winter. This is a fantastic way to meet local people and make friends in a new town. If moving to a new place seems daunting, head down to a local event and see for yourself how lovely the sense of community within Aiken is. 

A Horse Lovers Paradise

horse riding
Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Are your family into horse riding, dressage, or eventing? If so, Aiken is a good place to invest in a family home. Expect to see people riding horses around town daily. Aiken also has several equestrian boutiques, art galleries, and even painted statues across town. They take their horses very seriously here. 

Children can have lots of fun learning how to ride horses and groom them. They can also take part in horseback sports, like polo. Foxhunting is a popular sport here too, which is wonderful news for hunting fans. There is even a week dedicated to hunting throughout February, known as Hunt Week. Aiken is a great choice for families if you want to get your kids interested in the great outdoors rather than what’s on the TV.

There Are Lots To Do

Although Aiken is well-known for horsing activities, there are plenty of other interests to enjoy within the town itself and close by. Aiken has plenty to offer for families that like to keep active in terms of sporting activities. Avid golfers can take their time playing at the Aiken golf club, which has been named one of the best courses you’ve never heard of by 

Tennis is another popular sport here, and hunting, hiking, and yoga. Hitchcock Woods is a lovely day out with the kids, with miles of beautiful, picturesque trials for adventures and picnics. If you are into art, look no further than the Aiken Center for the Arts, located in town. There are also theaters, live music venues, and local restaurants to visit. You can also expect small events in local pubs, such as quiz nights. Aiken is located very close to Augusta, which will take about 30 minutes by car and makes for a fun day out. 

If you want to live in a small town with a real sense of community, Aiken could be the perfect place to move with your family. With great weather, affordable living, and plenty to do, you are bound to fall in love with this small town, whether you love horses or not. 

Featured Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay