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WWE Locates New Tag Team Team Partner in USA for ‘Smackdown’

WWE Locates New Tag Team Team Partner in USA for ‘Smackdown’

WWE Locates New Tag Team Team Partner in USA for 'Smackdown'
WWE Locates New Tag Team Team Partner in USA for ‘Smackdown’

USA has long functioned as the house of WWE’s flagship show, “Raw,” live every Monday night since 1993.

Now, its place has solidified as the one-stop basic cable network for most WWE programming.

All that is missing is the giant and Ovaltron fist from the first set of the show.

Before he was hit movie star Dwayne Johnson, the guy called The Rock inspired the show’s title with his famed “Place the smackdown” trash talking and frequently boasted “SmackDown” was his show.

The show of the Rock could belong to Roman Reigns, his real life cousin who stands tall as the WWE World Heavyweight champ.

“I wish I really could say (USA) makes a tremendous difference and itis a superb positive move and everyone’s so pumped about it,” Reigns said. “But as a competition, all I want is the ropes and hopefully folks appear in the stadium. From a wrestling perspective, not too much has changed for us.”

What could change, what must change as WWE inches nearer to WrestleMania season, is “SmackDown’s place as the promotion’s B show that lags behind “Raw” in both evaluations and can not-miss storylines.

“I do not look at it as any less of a show, it is pretty much the same ability,” Reigns said.

WWE wants a dose of star power along with another primetime spot could help showcase the youthful talent as harms have taken on April 3 in Dallas for WrestleMania out Cena and former winner Seth Rollins, the promotion is desperately scrambling to drive.

Does anybody have the amount of Goldberg? How about Batista?

But instead of relying on experts, WWE could make use of the show to construct the business around Sami Zayn Kevin Owens or a healthy Antonio Cesaro. Owens has the size and can cut any cad or fan favorite in sports entertainment along with a biting promo and in-ring skill required that should make him WWE’s next franchise star that is accurate.

WWE had mixed success in its bid to keep different rolls on “Raw” and “SmackDown” that attempted to create understanding there were two different brands. The dream matches the brand schism was left in 2011 along with that should have been constructed never actually developed.

“It is been seen and demonstrated that a schism brand, it can work. It can create extremely cool storylines,” Reigns said.

Only not in 2016.

WWE has revamped the program booth, also, making expert sports announcer Mauro Ranallo the new voice of “Smackdown.”

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