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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Raman is taken in the Police jeep!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Raman is taken in the Police jeep!

In the last episode of the TV series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, it has been revealed that Vandhu and Bala decided to file a case against Ruhi’s custody for Ishita. Ishita and Abhishek reached Ashok’s house to seek NIddhi. Ashok is keep saying that Nidhi is not here.

Now Ashok brought a lady and told me she’s his girlfriend, and she rationalizes Abhishek for striking on her and lied to them. But Abhishek told me she wasn’t that girl, whom I saw on the road as she was Nidhi and I can recognize Nidhi anyhow.

But Ashok is keep saying that she’s that woman, who is right now with him. Even eventually, he disses by offering him cash. Ishita dragged Abhishek from the site and apologized to Ashok and even Ishita called Abhishek ascertain that I will reveal anyhow that Nidhi is living and him more intoxicated.

Now Niddhi telephoned Ruhi and thanked her for informing her and said they phoned a woman, and now she got saved and asked if she on her side. Ruhi requested to Nidhi that it is the fact that you saved me, and I am with you always so. She also criticized to Nidhi against Ishita Ruhi feels dangerous here, and that Ishita brought a drunkard here, and she can’t now share flat with Ishita.

In the mean time, when Raman got to know from Mihir that Ishita is applying for the custody of Pihu, Raman became so angry, and he said that Ishita can do anything, but she can’t snatch Pihu from me as Pihu is my daughter. Now the Ishita’s house is arrived in by Raman and Raman scream there.

Appa and Amma and Ruhi now meet and make her consent take Amma as also her criticism back also feed her good food and behave well with Ruhi and apply oil on her hair. When Ruhi go to meet with Amma, these all happened, and Ruhi became emotional and decided to take her case back against Ishita.

Ishita tries to describe him, but all goes in vain, and Ishita was now shouted at by Raman and Raman announced that he is not going to give the Pihu’s custody to Ishita anyhow, she can if she need to do case but his thought will not alter.

Everybody weeps when Raman gets detained Ruhi and Ishita additionally weeps.