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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written updates on 16th Jan 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written updates on 16th Jan 2016

The Episode begins with Romi and Mihika working. She says she’s work that is pending. He goes and says I ‘ll go washroom. He requests him to eat it and gets food, she’s to take medications also. He says I ‘ll keep this notebook and insists. She enjoys it and eats the food. Mihir enjoys the food and sits to have lunch. He says Mihika will not be sad seeing this tiffin, she’ll not be unhappy, I am going to share this with her. He grins seeing Romi and discovering both happily dining collectively and goes to Mihika.

The woman says pupil is secure now. The school committee is mad on Vandu for this issue. Vandu says I should have told you, I got mad when I saw him stealing papers, I was worried. The woman says you got your rage and frustration on such pupil. The woman says no, but you need to never have responded that way, we might have got him understand his error, you yelled on him and she leapt from window, he took this incorrect measure, he attempted to do suicide, you need to have restrained your wrath. Vandu says I m teacher, will he not be scolded by me on his error, do not blame me. The guy says this matter will be used by media, student union is, in addition, upset, we must solve this issue. Vandu expects the issue will not get worse.

Pallavi and Chadda come there. Ishita says great you came here. Pallavi says me was losing someplace and I came with him here. Chadda assesses the records of Rohit. Ishita requests something to be learnt by Raman, his wife is taken by Chadda everywhere, I am n’t taken by you in assemblies. Raman says good, I’ll work on it. Orphanage supervisor requests them to sit. He asks what’ll they’ve. Tea is said by Chadda. Ishita says java for Raman and tea for me. Supervisor requests peon to get one black java, one coffee and two teas. Chadda inquires how do you understand Pallavi enjoys black java, do you understand her, did you meet with her.

Pallavi says yes, I came for my NGO work. Chadda says you didn’t tell me. She says perhaps it stolen from my head. He says that is what I m believing how does supervisor understands your selection and holds her hand. Ishita believes there’s something, its not enjoy it seeming and looks on.

Where did Raman and Ishita go and inquires Neelu Sarika says. Neelu says Ishita got mobile from orphanage, she went to meet with attorney. Sarika says good, go. She stresses believing are they intending to adopt Rohit, I’ll not have anything here, they’re going to kick me out, I must quit the adoption of Rohit.

Suraj instigates to trigger student union against Vandu. The pupils say we WOn’t be quiet and agree with Suraj. The guy requests the student union protest to be heard by Vandu, how did you become reckless, you need to have taken if you’d anxiety leave, when you come for work, you need to keep personal issues at home. Suraj says Vandu smacked me see the result.

Is this hints of infant’s mom, although Chadda says authorization form is correct? Supervisor says yes. Chadda says no, we do not need to give advertising now. Ishita sees Pallavi stressed. Pallavi and Chadda leave. Is Pallavi nervous Ishita believes, whats the issue.

Ishita and Raman are on the way. Raman says Chadda is sharp attorney. Ishita says yes, really, girls are known by him on the contrary, my husband will not understand my birthday and me. He says I understand you quite well. She says it can not be. The car stops and says you do not challenge me, and flirts. He says if we love affair on love affair challan will be cut by authorities. She says yes, they’ll believe we’re GF BF, lets leave.

Raman and Ishita come home and inquire what occurred. Mr. Bhalla says her medications are lost. Raman goes to get medications. She says this was my room and checks for medications. Where did you go, do you want to embrace Rohit Sarika inquires. Ishita requests how can he be adopted by us, you adopted him right, we went to attorney to produce property documents, you desire your share right, would you like to request attorney. Ishita leaves.

Raman requests Mrs. Bhalla to rest, as she’d medications. Ishita says she got this in Sarika’s room and brings specs and medications. Ishita says I need to sort out the adoption of Rohit, this should not be known by Sarika, she doubted on me, I lied to her.

Precap: Ashok asks Suraj what happened, is this faculty or a veg market. Suraj says I m settling scores with Vandu, I was slapped by her, she WOn’t be able to show her face to anyone. Suraj takes black color for Vandu. Ishita stops Suraj and he shoves her towards the wall. She falls down. Shagun comes and holds Ishita. Ashok grins enjoying the scene.