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3 Venues for Christian Comedians to Perform

Comedy has taken some laughable turns in the last fifty years. It may seem like every comedian out there has to make raunchy and unsavory jokes to get by. Christian comedians have been coming forward, a cleaner but still hilarious subgenre of comedy that relies less on jokes about bodily functions or sex. The question many people breaking into Christian comedy have is where they can perform.

If you don’t want to wait until you reach the pearly gates to book a gig, these are the top three venues for Christian comedians who want to make people laugh.

Birthday Parties

Birthday party
Image by CB from Pixabay

There’s nothing as good for a birthday party as a great comedian. Many people have a problem when hiring for these parties because it’s difficult to tell if an act will be a great fit. Having your label of being a Christian comedian will set you apart and show off what type of guidelines you set for yourself in your humor. That kind of thoughtfulness is excellent for birthday parties of any person. If you want to dazzle even further, ask the family of whoever’s birthday it is to give you some life stories or fun anecdotes to reference during your set. This planning will make the birthday person feel more special and give you more material to work with!

Office Parties

Nothing ruins an office party as quickly as raunchy jokes and bad behavior. A Christian comedian can balance the need for laughter with good humor that won’t have HR kicking you out when you get on stage. Much like the birthday party, you should take your time on stage as a chance to show the crowd that you’ve done your research! Harmless inside jokes, fun ribs at supervisors and bosses, and teasing about coworkers who are okay with it can liven up a crowd! People love to be in on a joke, and you can give that to them for their whole set. Of course, you should use your material as much as possible, but have fun with your audience.

Church Functions

Comedians to Perform
Photo by Dominik Kempf on Unsplash

This venue might sound like typecasting or a little too obvious to be serious, but performing at church functions is one of the Christian comedians’ best jobs. Churches are almost always needing new ways to liven up fellowship and get more people in their pews. On top of that, this is a captive and niche audience of people directly related to what Christian comedians have to offer.

In turn, these churches can offer a judgment-free space for comedians to practice being in front of big crowds and can even test new material on. Because of the vast types of people in the audience, every performance may be audited to find a business connection! This change can help boost your career and possibly get you to work in clubs.

You can perform in dozens of other places, like dry comedy clubs and anniversary parties, but these are the top three! Have fun with it, and show off your excellent comedic skills!

Featured Image by Luis Vazquez from Pixabay