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5 Clitoral Vibrators That Look Nothing Like Penises

Have you ever found yourself in a sex shop wondering who decided women want their vibrators to look like My Little Pony penises? I have – and here is the answer I’ve come up with: dudes. Dudes did that.

It’s the only plausible explanation for this strange solution to bridging the orgasm gap: take an experience we know to be only sometimes satisfying for women (penetrative sex) and replicate that same experience, only with bigger, buzzing members.

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The thing is, not every woman likes pink sparkly accents, not every woman likes penises and not every woman has a vagina. What most vulva-having people do like is clitoral stimulation, which explains why, as more and more women enter the vibrator game, shapes are changing more rapidly and becoming better suited to a wider array of bodies and genitals.

Because, ja – even if you are a straight woman, your masturbation time doesn’t need to be about disembodied members; it should be about you and your anatomy. So here are five versatile, non-phallic clitoral vibrators for you (and your partners) to enjoy.


Give your clitoris the attention it deserves with this two-pronged tool. Each of its two points has a separate motor for double-barreled pleasure. This toy can also be paired with an app for remote or partnered play, if you’re into that.


Need orgasm insurance on the go? Toss this small-but-mighty bullet vibrator in your bag for travel – from afar, no one would ever guess this portable, affordable vibe isn’t a tube of lipstick.


If you’re fancy and feeling stressed out by the full slate of formal attire events clogging up your calendar, this sneaky little vibe might be just the thing. It comes with four different vibe settings, has a single on/off button and is USB rechargeable.


This fully waterproof, rechargeable massager features touch sensors that let vibrations increase in strength as soon as the tip comes into contact with your body, meaning it works intuitively with your body to give you just what you need.


Get yourself a vibe that can do both G-spot and clitoral stimulation with ease. The We-Vibe Sync is a clamp-shaped, hands-free vibrator designed for couples who like to play together or separately.

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