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+92 3000597212: Phone number of Pathankot attacker’s ‘ustaad’ in Pakistan

+92 3000597212: Phone number of Pathankot attacker’s ‘ustaad’ in Pakistan

In the event the Nawaz Sharif government has any uncertainty that the six men who attacked Pathankot airbase were Pakistani citizens, it may wish to pull out the call details of two numbers – 92-3017775253 and 92 3000597212.

Both are Pakistani numbers to which the attackers made calls once they entered India. The first number likely belongs to the mom of one of the attackers while the second belongs to one of the handlers of the terrorists. In both instances, they used the telephones of their casualties, which assess the identities of the six guys and the Indian researchers are currently using to construct a case.

Intelligence Bureau officials told TOI the terrorists called their handler “ustaad” while describing their places inside Punjab after crossing over from Pakistan.
The terrorist repeatedly referred to the guy on the opposite side as “ustaad”.

Ikaagar’s telephone was utilized to make just one outgoing call while four incoming calls were received from precisely the same amount. A senior principal bureau policeman, who’s analysing the calls, affirmed that no amount that was Pakistani was spoken to by Ikaagar.

Thorough investigation by intelligence officials demonstrate the terrorists used Ikaagar’s mobile to provide a ‘missed call’ to their handlers in Pakistan to inform them how they might be reached. A typical trick by terrorists simply because they do not create any trail, “missed calls” have been a large source of worry for law-enforcement agencies.

Investigation of the mass data — “dump” in technical parlance — saved at the gateways whereby calls from Pakistan came, demonstrates the handlers, equipped with the knowledge where to reach their wards, were shortly barking their directions.

Before the “missed” call, Ikaagar had made just one call to his cousin, Harpreet Kaur. Where his deserted Innova was located, his body was discovered about two kilometers from Kolian hamlet.

One of the terrorists made the final call from the cell phone of jeweller Rajesh Verma to his mom in the centre of assault. As he broke news of his existence inside India to his stunned mother, the girl expected that God would keep him safe and wept.

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