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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF June 18 – 24, 2018

“Yo quiero dinero,” may be the on-repeat lyrics of your 2018 song of the summer. But this Monday, June 18, when dreamy Neptune spins retrograde in Pisces and your second house of work and money, you may feel more like slacking than stacking. We can’t blame you, Aquarius! With larger-than-life Jupiter in your career zone since last October 10, you’ve been the hardest working hustler in the zodiac. Question is, are you scattering your energy in too many directions? Neptune’s tour of your financial house is a long one, lasting from 2012 to 2025. This boundless flow can take your professional pursuits all over the map—from yoga teacher trainings to executive suites to running an indie media empire from your laptop (and maybe working on your PhD in between). Hey, you’ve got range! But with “no limits” Neptune in snooze mode until November 24, it behooves you to prioritize. Pro tip: Put practical considerations at least as high up on the list as your desire for creative fulfillment. Stability, not chaos, will set the right foundation between now and November 24. Plus, without all that extra stuff that you don’t actually NEED to be doing, you might have a moment to catch up on your rest and lounge by the pool. Have you been slogging through the grind without adequate inspiration? Neptune retrograde can reconnect you to the muse. Before 2018 is through, an artistic hobby could turn into a surprisingly profitable pursuit—if not financially, emotionally.

Wednesday’s quarter moon in Virgo will also get you thinking about passive income streams. (Read: Money you make in your sleep.) A network-marketing business might pad your pockets…IF you believe in the company, its products and practices. Some Aquarians may get pre-qualified for a mortgage and explore the possibility of being a homeowner. Pooling funds can be a clever way for strapped Water Bearers to start making money moves. Don’t be deterred if you’re low on liquid assets; think outside the box. For example, if you’re buying a fixer-upper together, your partner might provide the paper while you put in “sweat equity” by doing more of the hands-on labor—or vice versa. This quarter moon will also shift your energy in a sexier direction. You might get your groove back with a sweet, midweek hookup or a night IN with bae. Your urge to merge will also heat up. Maybe it’s time to turn that casual dating situation into something more exclusive.

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Thursday marks the summer solstice as the Sun swings into Cancer and your sixth house of wellness until July 22. Let the longest day of light illuminate habits that could use a healthy update. Since your sign is naturally sporty, you might jump into a summer softball league or cultivate your yoga practice on a stand-up paddleboard! Add more plant-based food to your plate, and if you’ve been low energy, schedule a doctor’s appointment to have all your blood levels checked. You may need to take a natural supplement or do an elimination diet to reboot your system. Influential eyes will be watching you at work. Make it your mission to impress with your diligence and common sense. Simplify your systems and create more space to breathe—or do a weekly work-from-beach day without an ounce of guilt!

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