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Are Casino Reviews Still Viable for New Players In 2021?

Online casino reviews used to be considered one of the most important resources and tools available to new players when they were looking to find a top platform to join and enjoy the best and most positive experiences possible.

These particular tools could be used to learn everything an individual needed to know about whether a particular site was trustworthy, whether they provided a decent selection of games and whether they protected its members as much as they possibly could.

However, in recent years, it has been argued that these online casino reviews have started to become a little unreliable at times, with it hard to know exactly what is true and what is not and has, perhaps, been slightly exaggerated.

Therefore, are they still the best resource available to new players in 2021 who are looking to find the top 10 casinos to join and ensure that they receive only the very best experiences possible while remaining as protected as they can be? 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of online casino reviews in 2021 and suggest why they can be both positive and negative.

Advantages of using an online casino review in 2021

As mentioned briefly above, an online casino review was once considered one of the best available resources to new players who looked at joining an online platform.

Several different reasons highlight why these reviews were always considered rather exceptional tools. Those who created them have done all the hard work and taken a look at the finer details of the chosen platform and listed in-depth details about each section. This would mean readers would know exactly what to expect across various sections and prepare them as best as possible.

Indeed, there is no reason why individuals new to the gambling community should still look to use these resources. Several reputable casino review sites are dedicated to ensuring their readers trust them with their content and their opinions regarding the platforms they review.

Furthermore, reviews can be an excellent way to gauge what others within the gambling community feel about a site. They will typically detail their own personal experiences about their time using the platform and being a member, thus potentially giving a new player some further insight. A personal experience is something that many will immediately look to relate to and take more seriously.

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Disadvantages of using an online casino review in 2021

With the iGaming industry continuing to boom in multiple markets – if not almost all – around the world, it is a sector that has become one that has meant that almost everybody wants to get in on the action and take a slice of the pie being offered.

This, unfortunately, has led to some using some underhand tactics to achieve what they want. There has been a rise in scams and hackers, and while a positive is that some online casino reviews will help identify these, some will lead players to join those sites that have only been created to steal personal details, etc.

These reviews can be hard to spot, while some will have only been created as promotional tools to get new players to join a platform to take a slice of commission offered in return. It does have to be said that not all affiliate websites are bad and operate solely to try and deceive their readers into joining a platform.


Indeed, it is clear that several positives and negatives are surrounding the use of online casino reviews in 2021. However, they can still be exceptional resources for new players to the iGaming industry. With this in mind, it is still highly recommended to use these tools in the way that they were first designed to be used. However, it would also be wise to remain as curious as ever when reading them.

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