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Avalanche study center had issued warning on Feb 2 to military

Avalanche study center had issued warning on Feb 2 to military

The Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) at Chandigarh had issued a ‘Low Risk’ warning to the army on February 2 regarding an avalanche in the typical area of Siachen glacier. The avalanche eventually struck on February 3 along with the 10 missing army staff were declared dead by the Army on Thursday.

“Our warning was the low-risk amount. It was meant for snow avalanche action just. It, nevertheless, was an ice avalanche that’s harder to forecast,” said SASE’s manager Ashwagosha Ganju. To be able to assist the armed forces stationed mountainous areas the SASE came under the ministry of defence and was set up to fight the dangers of snow.

“Occasionally high risk is entailed when there are unusual winds and snowfall coupled with other snow uncertainty variables. There are instances when we’re convinced that a place will be triggered in by an avalanche. Then we issue a special alarm,” Ganju included.

When inquired whether the military follows their guidance as before over injuries had taken place despite SASE issuing a caution, he said, “I can not talk about the working part of the military. I deal with science. I tell them as and when situations merit and they take a call determined by their operational obligations.”