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Bonthu Rammohan of TRS designated as Hyderabad Mayor

Bonthu Rammohan of TRS designated as Hyderabad Mayor

Bonthu Rammohan of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi was elected Mayor of Hyderabad at a special council meeting convened on Thursday. The TRS party, which won 99 wards out of the 150 in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, also got unanimously elected Borabanda corporator Mohammed Baba Fasiuddin, Deputy Mayor.

The special council meeting chaired by Hyderabad District Collector Rahul Bojja, who administered the oath of office to the newly elected corporators in four languages — Telugu, Urdu, Hindi and English.

Mr. Rahul Bojja called for nominations, and there was only one nomination for the post of Mayor. Ward No.92 corporator M. Kavitha Reddy proposed the name of Bonthu Rammohan of the TRS party for the mayoral post. He was declared elected unopposed.

Then the election of Deputy Mayor was taken up, and the name of Mohammed Baba Fasiuddin, corporator from Borabanda Ward (no.103) was proposed by N. Seshukumari of Ward No.98. He was likewise declared elected with no other nomination.

The AIMIM declared in the council that they were supporting the candidature of Bonthu Rammohan and Baba Fasiuddin for the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

As soon the Mayor and Deputy Mayor election procedure was finished, Mr. Rahul Bojja adjourned the council.

Previously, in an obvious display of strength and unity, the 99 elected corporators of TRS arrived in buses to take the pledge at the council hall of GHMC.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Rammohan’s wife Sridevi said her husband’s organization with Telangana battle and his devotion to the party had earned him an opportunity to become Mayor.

Later in the day, Deputy and Mayor met with officials and leaders of TRS party.

“We must hold the very first session within three months of taking the pledge as corporators. It’s possible that the first session might be a budget session,” he said. It was learnt that Rs, though he didn’t disclose budget outlay, pending state government acceptance. Was the core 5,600 projected outlay. Sources, nevertheless, stated after contemplating stimulation of the recently elected council the State government may propose revisions.