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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF June 25 – July 1, 2018

Money could get a little funny starting Tuesday, June 26 when go-getter Mars does a backflip in Aquarius and your second house of finances until August 12. Hidden costs could pop up just as you’re about to close a deal, or an offer that was so close you could TASTE it might suddenly hit a speedbump. Don’t hit the panic button. Do what your long-sighted sign does best—and hang in there! On August 12, Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn, where it will finish out its backspin, resuming forward motion on August 27. The message is clear: Be more mindful about how you’re spending your money. When temptation bites, which it will, refocus on longer-range goals to boost your motivation. While it’s no fun to watch things stagnate and stall, reframe the situation as a golden opportunity to slow down, review your plans and make sure they’re built on a solid foundation. Once Mars resumes direct motion through your sign (August 27 to September 10), you might get a second chance at a gig or moneymaking prospect that didn’t work out the first time. Or a former client or colleague could return with an offer that’s (almost) too good to be true. If this is someone with an impeccable track record, it’s probably safe to pursue.

Your annual mid-summer celebration arrives on Thursday, as the skies light up with 2018’s only full moon in Capricorn. This is a personal shout-out to you and an acknowledgement of all your dedication and hard work of the past six months. You don’t always give yourself the props you deserve—and desire—but that’s about to change. First, though, you might need to look at WHY you’re content to hover under the radar. Your talent, wisdom and can-do spirit are why your individual and team projects are always so impressive. Are you afraid that letting your pride show makes you seem arrogant? Au contraire! You CAN relish the satisfaction of a job well done without being self-serving. One way is to always salute your squad, but not to the point where you disavow your contributions. Even if you have to fake it a little till you make it, be inspired by this lunar lift and bask in the glory. So go ahead: Crank up the self-promotional volume, both online and IRL. But since you are a future-oriented Cap, you’re probably already refining your NEXT batch of goals.

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Thoughts may turn in a very different direction this Friday, when mindful Mercury sets up shop in Leo and your mystical, metaphysical (and merger-happy) eighth house until September 5. Thanks to a three-week retrograde from July 26 to August 19, this will be an especially long cycle, during which you can take a deep plunge into a spiritual or meditative pursuit or strengthen your bond with a love interest. Your practical (and often highly literal) sign will be more focused on the things that AREN’T being said. Stolen glances, seductive innuendos and whispered secrets will seize your attention. Tune in to body language, like people crossing their arms, leaning in—or out—or averting their eyes. In the erotic eighth house, expressive Mercury can turn you into a sensual siren. Single? This is a heavenly green light to pursue with abandon. Couples will enjoy more sexytime, sans roomies or kids. Taking a partner massage workshop or a Tantric class could do wonders for your private life!

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