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Flipkart: 2 Arrested After Falsely Claiming Refund From Online Retailer, Police Say

Flipkart: 2 Arrested After Falsely Claiming Refund From Online Retailer, Police Say:

In the last couple of years, we reported several cases ecommerce buyers claimed to have received rocks rather than iPod within their delivery; or receiving coconut, Vim bar instead of their mobile and have read.

However, what will happen if the claim was not true as well as the buyers by choice reported such cases to dupe the ecommerce portal site?

From now on, it may result in an arrest.

Authorities have detained two techies from Hyderabad who’d duped Flipkart of an iPhone worth Rs 51,590. in among the most infrequent examples of an ecommerce starting investigation against fraud

According to Chikadpally, the added inspector P Balavanthaiah of Hyderabad police station, accused Naveen Kumar and Atul Sharma have been detained after a charge from Flipkart.

The order was made under the name of Naveen -3 days.

Yet, after receiving the handset, Atul asserted the bundle included paper and rubber; and said that there was no cellphone. Flipkart promptly refunded the whole amount back to Atul.

They complained to police regarding additional investigation and this by the policemen led to Naveen and Atul .

Authorities suggested that ecommerce portal sites should come under purview of Consumer Protection Law this past year. This was suggested after increasing cases of frauds reported against eCommerce firms in India.

Nevertheless, there needs to be a balance between the law as well as the privileges; and truthfulness should be the standard.

In a recent thread it was discovered that Amazon supplies all customers with ‘partial refund’ globally, except India. This while was discovered by the submitter of the advice.

But the industry can be harmed by duping ecommerce portal sites by imitation claims of damaged/incomplete delivery as well as the fine line of trust would be eternally obscured.

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