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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF August 20 – 26, 2018

Home is where your heart—and much mental focus—will be starting Thursday, August 23, as the Sun beams into Virgo and your fourth house of family, foundations and domestic delights until September 22. Suddenly the same old walls may start to look like they need a fresh coat of paint—or maybe you can knock that one down to create a more open floor plan? Ideas may come fast and furious, particularly if you spend a lot of time on Pinterest and sites like Domino and Houzz. Thanks to Virgo’s tidy, minimalist vibes, you might get inspired to pare WAY down and throw yourself into a monthlong decluttering mission. Be smart about what you do with your discarded treasures: Offer some to friends, donate much to worthy organizations and barter, upcycle or sell the things with appreciable value. (But maybe hang onto grandma’s heirloom china.) Some Geminis might finally be ready to make a move—across town or across the country—while others will get into serious discussions with roommates or bae about changing up their living arrangement. Try to think down the road and not just in the present moment. Transitions like this are exciting but can be hard to undo when they’re enacted. Check your heart before doing anything “drastic.” When all these shifts are done, showcase your on-fleek space with a cocktail or dinner party. You might reconnect to your own inner host(ess) with the most(ess)!

Forgiveness is easy to talk about but harder to actually do, especially when it’s human nature to derive a strong sense of satisfaction from nursing an old grudge. But here’s the thing, Gemini: By forgiving someone else, you actually do YOURSELF the real favor. You may not realize how much energetic bandwidth this is taking up. Under Saturday’s exceptional and empowering grand earth trine, you’ll have a rare chance to release something (or someone) for once and for all and let bygones be bygones. The generous Sun connects the dots with tough-love Saturn and transformational Uranus in your most sensitive houses. Don’t overthink it or turn it into a Hollywood production. Just decide to move on and then let it go! When you get stuck, remind yourself that everyone, yourself included, is only human.

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Sunday marks the year’s only full moon in Pisces, which fires off virtual rockets in your tenth house of career ambition. This lunar lift can bring things to completion or signal a key turning point. A professional goal you’ve been working on for the past six months might finally come together brilliantly, or a golden opportunity could fall into your lap. Conversely, if you’ve been spinning your wheels in a work rut, this full moon could light a path toward a brand-new trajectory. Not sure what you want? Enlist a coach to help you find your true north.

Also on Sunday, a romantic issue could blow up out of proportion. Try not to take things at face value: Love planet Venus is locking horns with shadowy Pluto in two of your intimate, passionate sectors. This is a better moment to look inward than try to resolve things with another person. It also offers a great opportunity to practice self-restraint!