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How the Streaming Revolution Has Affected Casino Gaming

The streaming revolution has affected casino gaming. Data about Twitch viewership reveals that watching live streams is incredibly popular, with Twitch having 9.7 billion viewership hours in 2019 compared with the 2.8 billion viewership hours enjoyed by YouTube stream viewers.

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These streaming sites have affected how we find new games to play as many people look at the most popular streamers to see what looks fun. It’s not just affecting what we play though it’s also affecting how we play, and in online casino games, streaming has changed a huge amount.

The Types of Casino Games Available 

Casino players have been enjoying many of the same kinds of games for years. Roulette is one of the most popular kinds of table casino games, and players seem to love trying to guess just where the ball will fall. However, streaming has affected this, and online casino players can now play live roulette where a real roulette wheel is used to run the game through a live feed, allowing players to be completely immersed in the game.

In live roulette, like other live casino games, there is a human dealer who talks to players while they play. Playing without a dealer is also entertaining, but for people who watch casino gaming streams like they are a television show, where the social side of things is as important as the game, live roulette can offer them more.

How People Talk About Casino Games

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Watching and talking to people as they play games isn’t the only way that viewers can feel social on sites like Twitch, and the use of Twitch’s friend features means that viewers can also join whole communities of those who like the same things that they do. Viewers on streaming sites have revealed stories about finding their best friends and romantic partners all because they laughed at the same jokes in Twitch chat.

Casino games are a popular topic on Twitch, and 304,656 people follow the topic of the slot on the site. In the chat, people share suggestions about how much to spend on the casino game, which game to play next, and tell each other where to get free spins and other bonuses. Twitch makes it easy to find groups like this.

How People Learn How to Play Casino Games

There are articles and videos that teach you how to play casino games all over the internet. You can also send questions to professional players on Twitter, watch videos on YouTube, or just keep playing until you learn. However, with live casino gaming streaming sites, you can ask your questions as soon as you think of them or learn something new just by watching hours of entertaining casino game streamers.

The way that Twitch works and how it shows you which topics have the most viewers means that those who may not have been looking for casino gameplay may find themselves clicking on a casino streamer just out of wonder. Not all of these viewers will keep watching, and not all will begin to play, but it does provide a new way for those who had never given online casino games any thought.

Featured Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay