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Hyderabad Doctor who shot his partner commits suicide on business disputes

Hyderabad Doctor who shot his partner commits suicide on business disputes

Today a physician, accused of opening fire on his business partner over a dispute, committed suicide with the same weapon, hours following the attack, authorities said. Dr Shashi Kumar was discovered dead at a farmhouse in Moinabad region around midnight. He allegedly shot himself dead by firing the pistol into his mouth, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Rajendranagar division), K Ganga Reddy said.

A suicide note written by Shashi was recovered from the area. The dead person maintained that he’d not shot his business associate, Uday, and alleged that Dr Sai Kumar, another partner, had opened fire on Uday.

“We’re confirming the claims made in the suicide note,” the ACP said.

Uday, Sai Kumar and Shashi Kumar are associates in a multi-speciality 100-bed hospital in Madhapur place here, which was inaugurated on January 1.

According to authorities, Shashi to the farmhouse had dropped following the event.

The event happened on Monday of Himayath Nagar on road amount six here. Shashi Kumar supposedly shot at Uday inside a car before fleeing from the area. Authorities had formed two teams that were special to detain Shashi.

Uday managed to get out of his car, get inside an autorickshaw and reach a private hospital. He’s said to be “secure”.

Uday was Shashi the manager, Sai Kumar the CEO, and the medical director, the DCP said.

“It looks differences had erupted, and Shashi had sought his cash back,” he said.

The three had met to talk about the matter. During the period of the event, they were sitting inside an auto – Uday in the driver’s seat, Sai on co driver’s seat and Shashi on the backseat.

“Following heated debates, Shashi threatened them and abruptly took out his authorized .32 pistol and supposedly fired one round at Uday.