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I Know What A T-Shirt Is, But What’s An A-Shirt?

The term a-shirt is actually short for an athletic shirt. That’s because this particular style of garment is typically worn in sporting events. The most common places you will see a-shirts is in basketball and track and field events. The a-shirt is also known by many names but is commonly referred to as a tank top in Canada and the United States. We’ll get to some of the other names in a moment, but first, let’s look at how they are made.

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

The Construction of An A-Shirt

The a-shirts has a rather simple build. It has larger than a t-shirt armhole and neck hole. Both are also reinforced to make them durable. One of the many differences between an a-shirts and a t-shirt is that the athletic shirt has a neckline that extends down as far as the bottom of the chest of the wearer. This is to provide extra ventilation. There is a variation on this design with women’s a-shirts. The neckline does not extend as far. 

Another difference between an athletic shirt and a t-shirt is that the a-shirts has a much longer trunk. This provides additional material for tucking the garment into a pair of athletic shorts or jeans. A-shirts have other visual differences from t-shirts. They do not contain any buttons, they are without a collar, and you never see a pocket on an a-shirt. A-shirts designed specifically as undershirts are usually made of ribbed cotton.

Other Names For Athletic Shirts

In the sporting arena, various names have been used to identify the a-shirt from a t-shirt or a tank top. A tank top is similar in look and design with a low neck and different widths for the shoulder straps in comparison to an a-shirt. When worn as an undershirt, the a-shirt is known as a vest. In some countries, the a-shirt-worn-as-an-undershirt is called a sando. It is called a singlet in places where the a-shirt is commonly used in athletics. 

Men's tank top
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Other Uses For An A-Shirt

As already stated, the a-shirt is commonly used as casual sportswear and undershirts. As a fashion piece, wearing an a-shirt as an undershirt is quite acceptable when wearing a dress shirt or suit. A-shirts can be worn without the dress shirt and be under a suit jacket offering a casual look in warmer climates. However, athletic shirts are usually worn as loungewear, in casual settings, or as a sleep shirt or work shirt at home.

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