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Safety First: A Few Important Safety Items That Should Be Part of Every Construction Worker’s Daily Workwear

The construction industry is typically fraught with risks, and as such requires a lot of protective equipment so as to minimize any sort of damage or injury. Let us take a quick look at some of the most important workwear items that should be part and parcel of a worker’s daily ensemble.

o   Eye and face protection: With the help of safety glasses as well as face masks

Eye and face protection

The seminal importance of eye protection cannot be stressed enough, due to the fact that anytime a construction worker deals with various potentially dangerous objects (metal, glass, dust, etc.) then there is the off chance that it can easily get into their eyes. If that happens it can cause grievous injuries or even become an irritant that puts them out of work, for the foreseeable future, at the very least. In order to prevent this scenario from actually happening, it is imperative that safety glasses should be worn at all times and if the situation so warrants, then a face shield can also be used, in order to prevent debris and dust from accidentally harming the eyes as well as the face.

o   Foot protection with steel toes equipped boots

One of the main things about working on construction sites, is the fact that it also means basically laboring in various different kinds of otherwise potentially harmful environments. This is indeed, precisely why, it is considered very important to wear slip resistant boots that will help you ensure that you do not fall or slip and thereby end up getting injured, in any way. You would also need highly punch resistant soles as well, in case you are working in an area where sharp nails and glass may be found in the ground. Lastly, you need boots that are steel-toed since they can easily prevent your foot from being crushed by falling beams, cement blocks and other such items.

This is the part where the Workwear Hub (WWH)  steps into the picture. They have an excellent variety of high quality safety boots, that are suitable for all manners of construction work.

o   Gloves: Hand Protection at all times

Construction work often involves wearing heavy duty safety gloves, sometimes all the time. While welding gloves can prevent hands from getting burnt from sparks flying off welding rods and non-conducive rubber gloves, can be used for electrical wiring work as well.

o   Ear muffs: High quality hearing protection is a must

Many if not most, of the machinery that construction workers use on various construction sites tend to emit certain extremely loud noises that can easily damage the ear drums and cause a condition known as “tinnitus” or a continues ringing in the ear. If hearing protection is not worn during exposure to loud noise, it is liable to lead to permanent hearing loss as well, along with a ringing sound that can plague the individual at all hours of the day and night.

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