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Jataras, a getaway from day-to-day grind

Jataras, a getaway from day-to-day grind

Jatara, what might be termed as a religious retreat in modern times has been part of socio cultural milieu of men and women in rural areas since times immemorial.

It’s around Maha Sivaratri the auspicious day to Lord Shiva. Frequently folks must travel in bullock carts for camp and a space around a temple for a day or two following specific rituals. It’s here they come to know of their lives as well as distinct individuals. The jataras make life delightful to both young and old.

“Many search ahead for these jataras the year long. It offers them a great rest and supplies an excellent guidance to their lives forward,” he said.

In Warangal, bunch of jataras take place starting from January and many continue in May till Maha Shivaratri. There are many more that are understood.

A lot of the temples are Shaivite indicating the prevalence of the sect that flourished nicely once upon a time during Kakatiya rule.

Prof Vidyasagar Reddy says that besides religious ecstasy, change their thoughts and customs and the rural people get to understand each other. They get participated in frolic and fun. “These congregations assist in lot many manners as they get exposed to a lot of things,” he pointed out.