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Libra Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF July 16 – 22, 2018

Stay in mogul mode—at least for one more week! The Sun is still blazing in Cancer and your ambitious tenth house until Sunday, and you don’t want to squander this window for success. Cancer season is all about the personal touch—which you, as a Libra, live for. Who could you treat to lunch as an avenue for some casual shop talk? It’s always a balancing act, as you know. While you don’t want to aggressively push to close the deal, you still need to graciously steer the conversation towards the “will we or won’t we?” end game. Open up about your big picture goals: What excites you most about them? Your enthusiasm alone could have people clamoring to sign on! Take those business meetings out of the stuffy conference room. You’ll be far more effective if you’re negotiating from a rooftop deck with skyline views or a sweet outdoor cafe. Family and close friends may step in as your key allies on a stalled project. Don’t be shy about asking for advice. Just remember that their time is money. A little token of gratitude can keep your happy helpers on your side.

On Thursday, your personal goals come into sharper focus under the beams of the quarter moon in Libra. While you don’t want to slow down your career quest, you may need to fine-tune the work-life balance thing. Has one of your “not for profit” passions—like singing, dancing or writing poetry, say—been sidelined by your hustle? You don’t HAVE time for things like this, Libra, you MAKE time. Reclaim those minutes (or hours) you spend checking Facebook and you might just reveal a window for hitting the practice studio or curling up with your notebook and letting the stanzas flow. Where could you assume greater leadership in your life? Sometimes, you just need to take charge of a situation instead of letting everyone weigh in endlessly. Close the opinion polls and get clear on YOUR perspective. You can’t please everyone, Libra, but you can come up with a plan that makes you happy without adversely affecting anyone else.

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Of course, when the Sun beams into Leo and boosts your popularity to the sky this Sunday, July 22 you won’t have much trouble at all on-boarding people to your big ideas. This month-long solar cycle is one of your most influential windows of every year. Consider yourself a monarch of social butterflies between now and August 23. With so many people flocking to you, group hangs will be a necessity if you don’t want to burn yourself out. Make a point of exploring scenes that have intrigued you for a while. You’ll feel right at home among artist communities, activist groups and, basically, anywhere that the cutting edge thought-leaders are convening. Since Leo rules your eleventh house of tech, you may find your tribe online. Developing a digital venture, like a website or downloadable product or e-book, could prove profitable. You might even crowdfund it, if you need to generate start-up capital. One caveat: Mercury will be retrograde from July 26 to August 19. Code away, but try to reserve any major launches until AFTER that signal-jamming transit has passed.

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