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Paris: Over 120 People Killed in Attacks Across City; Attackers Thought to Be Dead, Officials Say

Paris: Over 120 People Killed in Attacks Across City; Attackers Thought to Be Dead, Officials Say:

Across the Persian Gulf, states are condemning the mass terror attack in Paris.

In the United Arab Emirates, the state-run WAM news agency said that a telegram was sent by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to French President Francois Hollande vowing support for France and offering his condolences. WAM said Al Nahyan also supported doing “what is needed to confront terrorism and remove it.”


4:42 a.m.

President Barack Obama has talked to French President Francois Hollande by phone to provide the condolences of the American people for the strikes in Paris.

Obama also has reaffirmed the offer of any essential support to the French investigation.

The White House says the two leaders have pledged to work jointly, and with countries to defeat the scourge of terrorism.


4:35 a.m.

A U.S. official briefed by the Justice Department says intelligence officials weren’t conscious of any hazards before a string of strikes in Paris.

The official says 70 U.S. citizens now understood to be in France haven’t yet been accounted for, although no Americans have been reported killed in Friday’s strikes.

The official says all members of Eagles of Death Metal, the California-based group that was to perform at the Paris site where one strike happened, are not dangerous and have been accounted for.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press and wasn’t authorized to talk about the briefing freely.

4:33 a.m.

She said it is not impossible there are terrorists at large.


4:18 a.m.

People who survived an assault on a Paris concert venue unscathed have been bused to a special disaster centre for emotional support.

Some walked in dazed, their shoulders draped with crisis blankets.

In cabs, some survivors were put after meeting with counselors to head house.

They’d been for a show of American group Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan concert hall.


4:12 a.m.

President Francois Hollande says France will be “merciless” against those behind the most lethal attacks in the state in decades.

Seeing a popular music site where more than one hundred individuals were killed in eastern Paris, Hollande called the attacks “abomination” and “barbarism.”

Hollande called on the French to stay united. “More than 100 people will direct the fight. More than 100 people will be merciless.”

Hollande commended all the crisis workers offering to help through the long, emotive nighttime.

It’s not clear whether any are still at large, or how many attackers were involved in the seven strikes.

3:17 a.m.

The California representative says investigators would scour any electronic devices they were able to regain from the gunmen.


3:10 a.m.

The Pentagon leader says “the usa stands with the individuals of France and its lively, multicultural democracy.”

He’s commending France as a NATO ally as well as a leader of the coalition fighting with Islamic State militants in Syria.


2:51 a.m.

The rock band U2’s Saturday night concert has been postponed by it in Paris in the light of the fatal strikes around the city on Friday night.

HBO had intended to televise the performance of the group. Rather, U2 says in a statement that it’s concluded to go ahead together with the concert “at a suitable time.”

U2 members say they saw in shock and incredulity in the events that are unfolding, and were devastated by the loss of life in the concert.

“Television trust and pray that all our supporters in Paris are safe.”


2:39 a.m.

French authorities say they consider the attackers involved shootings and bombings in Paris all are not alive.

Micheal Cadot, Paris police’s head said that while all of the attackers are considered to have perished, authorities are looking for potential accomplices in the attacks that made over 120 people dead.


2:33 a.m.

Authorities in the U.S. capital have sent additional policemen to the French Embassy and other France-connected websites and high profile places after the strikes in Paris.

The section says Chief Cathy Lanier has been in contact with regional and national law enforcement officials since the strikes started.


2:16 a.m.

The Paris police prefect said as authorities closed in, the attackers at the Bataclan rock site blew themselves up with suicide belts. Rep. said the gunmen killed more before the assaullt by security forces, then went in the concert hall and sprayed cafes outside the place with machine gunfire.

The prefect, Michel Cadot, said the one set of attackers was at almost the same time and at the arena the 2nd group assaulted within the city.

Cadot said although authorities are hunting for any potential accomplices, all the attackers are considered dead.


2:10 a.m.

“Outside of solidarity together with the French folks as well as the City of Paris, we’ve made a decision to suspend our program of 24 Hours of Truth and Live World. Our thoughts are with the whole country of France and all who’ve been changed.

1:59 a.m.


1:53 a.m.

Nyc Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York is always on alert for terror assaults that are coordinate, particularly in the aftermath of an assault in Paris that’s killed dozens.

De Blasio said in an interview with WABC TV on Friday the strike wasn’t sobering, however a reminder that police officials should be alert and prepared for a potential follow up strike.

Authorities have stressed there’s “no sign the strike has any nexus to Nyc.”

Policemen are deployed to various places in the city, including government buildings that were French.

French officials say several dozen individuals are killed in explosions and shootings in Paris at a theatre, restaurant and elsewhere.


1:48 a.m.

Massachusetts State Police say they are raising security throughout the region of the State House following the fatal strikes in Paris.

Additionally, State Police said they’re tracking intelligence at Logan International Airport in Boston.

State Police troop commanders also are directing on duty troopers to really have a heightened awareness of possible suspicious activity in their patrol areas.

State Police acted as at least 100 individuals were killed by attackers in a Paris concert hall that was popular. It was one of at least six terror attacks around the city in the most deadly violence Paris has seen since the Second World War.


1:40 a.m.

The governor says the act reveals New York will stand together with the individuals of France.

New York City policemen are deployed to various portions of the city, including government buildings that were French.

Authorities have stressed there’s “no sign the strike has any nexus to Nyc.”

French officials say several dozen individuals are killed in explosions and shootings in Paris at a theatre, restaurant and elsewhere.


1:37 a.m.

The State Department says U.S. citizens can contact 1 888 407 4747 (from the U.S.) or 202 501 4444 (from other states) for help.

Kerry was talking from Vienna, where he’s scheduled to attend talks on the disaster in Syria.


1:29 a.m.

Some applauded as the homage stopped.


1:25 a.m.

Talking near a popular music site where lots of people were taken hostage, Molins said that five attackers could have been killed.


1:15 a.m.

Among those called in minutes following the very first reports went out was Patrick Pelloux, former writer and an emergency room physician for Charlie Hebdo. Pelloux was also among the first to find the wake of the Jan. 7 strikes.

At least 100 people died in a Paris concert hall Friday, where attackers captured hostages, an official said. At least five other terror strikes unfolded across the city in the most deadly violence Paris has seen since the Second World War.


1 a.m.

The French president has officially declared the state of emergency in a Cabinet meeting desperately summoned at the Elysee palace on Friday night on all mainland territory and Corsica.

Under French law, the state of emergency may be determined in case of “impending risk following serious violations of law and order.”

The state of emergency permits state authorities to prevent the movement of vehicles and individuals at particular times and locations. They are able to additionally identify security areas and safe areas where the movement of individuals is controlled.

The state of emergency also enables authorities to do house searches night and day –instead of performing them just at daytime.

12:55 a.m.

The American group was designed to perform at the Bataclan, a theatre situated in eastern Paris.


12:45 a.m.

The strikes are being celebrated by twitter reports linked to jihadists in Paris.

As stated by the WEBSITE Intelligence Group monitoring websites that were militant, Twitter posts credited to jihadist patrons are supposing which group might be responsible. Many users expressed belief the Islamic State group may be behind the carnage.

The users used Arabic-language hashtags that interpreted to “Paris on fire” and “Caliphate state attacks France.”

WEBSITE says that reports also circulated images of the assaults, and one pro-IS station accused France of sending warplanes to bomb Syria and says “now it drinks from the exact same cup.”


12:25 a.m.

Another official said at least 100 people perished in the hall. A police assault on the site ended early Saturday officials said.

The officials weren’t authorized because operations were ongoing, to be named.


12:20 a.m.

The hostage-taking was one in a string of at least six strikes around the French capital.


12:10 a.m.

A French government official says that President Francois Hollande is deleting his visit to the G20 meeting in Turkey and the nation’s state of emergency has gone into effect.

Hollande was due to leave for the assembly in Turkey, which was to concentrate on growing fears of terrorism in substantial part carried out by Islamic extremists.

The official, who wasn’t authorized to be named, said a shield council meeting will be held by the government in the morning.


12 a.m.

Neither official could be named, citing continuing operations through the city.

Both officials said they anticipated the price of casualties to grow.


11:45 p.m.

World leaders have expressed shock in the violence in Paris.

The German leader issued a statement saying her ideas were with the casualties “of the clear terrorist attack.”

The Secretary General of the NATO coalition says he’s “profoundly shocked by horrible Paris assaults.”

Terrorism won’t ever get the better of democracy.”

11:35 p.m.

Three police officials affirm that security forces have started an assault on the Paris concert hall where hostages are taken.

Not one of the officials may be named when discussing the on-going process, which several officials said involved tons of hostages.


11:30 p.m.

Blasts and automatic gunfire have rung out of the region of a Paris music hall where authorities say individuals are being held hostage.

The Bataclan concert hall is being surrounded by dozens of police, and sirens are wailing through the area.

The gunfire started shortly after French President Francois Hollande said security forces were starting an assault on one of several websites targeted in strikes around Paris.


11:20 p.m.

A police union official says where France and Germany were playing a friendly match, there were two suicide attacks as well as a bombing close to the national stadium.

The police union official said the explosions went off concurrently. The police union official didn’t supply more information.


11.10 p.m.

He said this was because the approach used — “multiple attackers in coordinate strikes at multiple places” — echoed recommendations printed in extremist group’s online magazine,

James Woolsey, a former manager of the CIA in 1993- chancellor in the Institute of World Politics and 195, additionally told the BBC the Islamic State was imagined by him as the unified temperament of the assaults demanded government-design preparation.


11:05 p.m.

Obama said he wouldn’t speculate about who was responsible.

President called the attacks a “heartbreaking scenario” and an “assault on all of mankind.”

Obama’s counterterrorism advisor Lisa Monaco briefed on the strikes he.

The assaults come as the president is preparing for two excursions abroad. President to go to Paris for climate change discussions at the conclusion of the month.


11:00 p.m.

Hollande said security forces are attacking one of the sites reach by the strikes of Friday, without elaborating.

“It is a terror,” Hollande said.

10:50 p.m.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he’s “shocked” by the Paris assaults and violence.

Cameron said on Twitter “Our ideas and prayers are with the French folks. We’ll do whatever we are able to in order to help.”


10:40 p.m.

The official says counterterrorism advisor the president was briefed by Lisa Monaco. The official demanded anonymity and wasn’t authorized to discuss the private conversation.

Obama is slated to go to Paris at the end of the month.


10:35 p.m.

An arena announcer made an announcement over the loudspeaker following the match, telling supporters to avoid specific leaves “due to events outside,” without elaborating.

At first but the bunches simply walked dazed, looking at their telephones for the most recent news of the violence and embracing each other.

Many seemed reluctant to leave amid the doubt after the most lethal attacks in France in decades.


10:22 p.m.

Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff says it’s too early to understand just what was occurring in Paris.

“President do not believe we can say this shows anything, but again it supports the notion that it is terrorism,” Chertoff said.

The president said ISIS and Al Qaida have relied on the strategy of coordinated attacks previously.


10:14 p.m.

Multiple officials, including one medical official, set the amount of dead at between 35 to 40 individuals.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity since they weren’t authorized to be freely identified according to police policy.


10:10 p.m.

Police officials in France say at least 26 people are killed as well as a hostage-taking scenario is underway at a theatre.


10:00 p.m.

Two police officials say that at least 26 people are killed in explosions and shootings around Paris, in the most deadly violence in France in decades.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity since they weren’t authorized to be freely identified according to police policy.