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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF April 30 – May 6, 2018

The truth could be stranger than fiction this Monday, April 30 as the Scorpio moon shares a flight path with no-holds-barred Jupiter. Suspend disbelief, Pisces. It’s time to face those unvarnished facts head on and see things for what they truly are. While this can be temporarily unmooring, when you know what—and who—you’re dealing with, you can make the soundest decisions for yourself. Even if these discoveries evoke a change, embrace it. And since Monday’s planetary pairing is the after-party of last Sunday’s Scorpio full moon, developments can happen fast once you set your mind to them. Don’t let your fear of change keep you stuck in a groove! Traveling or enrolling in school may be part of the plan that emerges. Feeling gun shy? Start gently. Drop in for a visit to the Austin or London office; or, if you work for yourself, pack up your laptop and do a two-week Airbnb rental in a city you’re considering for relocation. Instead of applying for a Masters program, take an online course to see how a certain subject matter sings to you.

Of course, moving the needle doesn’t have to mean upending your entire life. All week long, the Sun is beaming into Taurus and your third house of local activity. With a little basic research, like checking out the cultural guides or asking savvy friends for tips, you could discover a treasure trove in your own front yard. As you move through your daily routines, look up from your Instagram feed and scan the scene. Oh hello, new yoga studio with a sound bath meditation, or weekly lecture series at the cafe serving your morning joe! If nothing is happening locally that sates your intellectual curiosity, take it upon yourself to be the organizer. You could start a book club with friends—or level it up to a “workbook club” as you read and support each other with accompanying exercises in a tome like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron or Calling In The One by Katherine Woodward.

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Another prompt to find your tribe arrives just before the weekend, when the Capricorn moon settles into your communal eleventh house for two-plus days. Look for “people of substance,” Pisces—folks who aren’t afraid to plummet into the poetic and mystical depths where mermaids tread. This may be your cue to get involved in a political cause or a charitable organization that is having a direct impact on issues that mean everything to you. On Friday, heavyweight Saturn adds an air of gravitas to all your social interactions. Is one difficult person bringing down the morale of the group? You have two choices here, Pisces. You could pull ’em aside for a one-on-one to discuss the issue or you can make a tough call and ask them to leave. Although you may adore this person, you have to think about the collective. Perhaps this just isn’t a good fit, and your relationship would be better served by collaborating in other ways. While you’re at it, assess the commitments on your plate. Don’t let misplaced loyalty leave you stuck in a group that’s no longer speaking to your soul. Time is your most precious asset, Pisces, so spend yours among people who mirror your highest intentions—and also spark joy!

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